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SA’s energy economy must look ahead to replace coal jobs

Speaking at the Coaltrans conference in Cape Town in September, SRK Consulting principal geologist (coal) Lesley Jeffrey said that the government’s latest draft Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) envisaged only 45% of the nation’s supply of energy coming from coal – down from 48% in the 2010 draft of the IRP.

SRK shares mineral valuation insights with China

An important Chinese mining sector delegation visiting South Africa was yesterday able to gain valuable insights from specialist engineers and scientists from SRK Consulting (SA), focussing on the range of factors that affect mineral resource and mineral reserve reporting and valuation. Details follow below in an article entitled: SRK shares mineral valuation insights with China.

SRK in Ghana well placed for West African mining upturn

As the economic mood in the global mining industry turns towards the better, SRK Consulting’s Accra office in Ghana has been making inroads into new markets in Côte d’Ivoire and Togo, according to SRK Ghana country manager John Kwofie.

SRK Consulting merges with Labrecque Technologies Inc.

LTI specializes in conducting dynamic process simulations to help mining companies predict future performance.

SRK models sustainable solutions for brine from tailings

Management of waste brines is a common challenge for mines worldwide. Working with SRK Consulting colleagues in Vancouver, Canada, SRK Consulting’s office in Cape Town has recently conducted preliminary groundwater modelling to assist a mining client in South America to find an environmentally sustainable solution for managing brine emanating from mine tailings.

Upbeat mood at DRC Mining Week – SRK

Engineers and scientists from SRK Consulting’s offices in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa were part of the DRC Mining Week in Lubumbashi recently, sharing information on trends and opportunities in one of Africa’s most important mining hubs.

On the move at SRK

Leading global firm of engineers and scientists SRK Consulting has made a number of directorship and partnership appointments to its Global Board and its South African leadership.

OBITUARY: Dr Oskar Steffen 1940-2018

SRK Consulting announces with great sadness the passing of Dr Oskar Steffen – one of the three founders of the global firm of consulting engineers and scientists – on Wednesday 27 June in Johannesburg; he was 77 years old.

Building impact assessment on human values – SRK

While the assessment of environmental and social impacts of economic activity is a duty based mainly on government regulations, it is apparent that human rights and justice are increasingly powerful drivers that are taking this discipline onto new ground. SRK Consulting’s engineers and scientists who attended the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) held in Durban last month, provide their insights and take outs from the global conference.

Junior miners still struggle against system in SA

Despite South Africa’s stated intention of nurturing a junior mining sector as a key strategy in revitalising and transforming the sector, voices at the recent Junior Mining Indaba held in Johannesburg, South Africa, were clear that this is not happening.

SRK assists mines with water use licence amendments

Applying for and obtaining amendments to water use licences is an ongoing and often time-consuming process for most mines, even when the adjustments are relatively low-risk, according to SRK Consulting principal environmental scientist Jacky Burke, the leader of SRK’s water use licence application (WULA) Group. Please see below media release entitled “SRK assists mines with water use licence amendments.”

SRK’s high-tech engineering chart way to better mining

The digital age holds out great opportunities for mining companies to reduce risk and improve safety and profitability; SRK Consulting (SA) chairman William Joughin gave delegates at the Investing in African Mining Indaba a taste of what is already being achieved.

Insights on investing in African Mining Indaba 2018

Stronger mineral markets underpin a more upbeat mood at the Investing in African Mining Indaba underway in Cape Town, but the really important messages from opinion leaders at the event have the sound of ushering in an age of mining differently.

New chairman for SRK (SA)

“My focus as chairman will be on leveraging SRK’s distinctive combination of experience and innovative capability, where our expertise gathered over decades is captured and applied in new technologies that generate more value for our clients.”

Mines and communities: the long road to real partnerships

While the headlines seem to suggest growing levels of mistrust between mines and communities, South Africa is home to a breakthrough where these partnerships are now practically being built. According to SRK Consulting’s corporate social and development consultant Tim Hart, the narrative of treating communities as partners rather than beneficiaries has found its way steadily into the mining sector’s approach, but the difficulty has been to put that idea into action.

Don’t avoid risk, manage it better – SRK

With Africa still low on the global mining risk rankings, explorers and developers being drawn back into the continent by the commodity price recovery would be wise to step carefully – on the strength of quality studies and plans informed by experienced local professionals.

Don’t avoid risk, manage it better

With Africa still low on the global mining risk rankings, explorers and developers being drawn back into the continent by the commodity price recovery would be wise to step carefully – on the strength of quality studies and plans informed by experienced local professionals.

Helping mines find the real source of nitrates in water

The issue of water quality has become topical in the aftermath of the contamination in the Olifants River catchment in Mpumalanga over recent decades, as well the surfacing of acid mine drainage from old and abandoned mines around Gauteng and other provinces.

New Chairman for SRK North America

SRK Consulting (North America) Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Corporate Consultant Stephen Day as its new chairman.

Junior miners talk new opportunities, and challenges

While the mood at the recent Junior Indaba mining event was sombre when it came to South Africa’s policy environment, there were some interesting opportunities being mooted for minerals like lithium.

SRK rates in consulting engineering’s big five

SRK Consulting SA has been rated in the top five companies in South Africa’s consulting engineering (mining and infrastructure) segment in the recent Top 500 Companies Awards.

Protect stock value with the right studies upfront

The recent share price collapse of a much-vaunted copper-gold project in south-west Alaska is an indication of what can happen when explorers and planners do not cover all the bases in the early stages of the project cycle, according to Marcin Wertz, partner and head of the mining unit at SRK Consulting.

Mining lessons to be learnt from SA – good and bad

Signs of hope – visible in some commodity prices and increased exploration drilling – have lent a more upbeat tone to the buzzing Investing in African Mining Indaba taking place in Cape Town this week; but South Africa has some sobering lessons for those African countries present which have yet to fully launch their mining sectors.

Only end-to-end transformation can save mining productivity

A change in attitudes – from boardroom to pit – will be the only way for mines to escape low productivity levels and find a path back to long-term sustainability

Pre-2017 Mining Indaba Comment – SRK Consulting

Plan early for profitable mines in sustainable communities