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Silver’s rally and two record-breakers

Many precious analysts stop their analysis at gold’s US dollar analysis alone. Sometimes they add silver or mining stocks to the picture, but silver’s non-USD performance is almost never discussed.

Will global slowdown support gold, or is it just temporary?

The global economy is slowing down. How serious is the current slump?

Will the Fed cut its interest rate forecast, pushing gold higher?

It is very possible that the FOMC members will align their outlook for the federal funds rate with the pledge of being patience. Gold may gain, then.

Will cryptocurrencies replace gold?

Bitcoin was designed to mimic gold, but it has still to prove its moneyness.

Should we declare emergency for gold?

Sixteen states sue Trump over border wall emergency. Is it good or bad for the yellow metal?

Gold market in 2019: WGC versus LBMA

Both the WGC and LBMA published outlooks for the global economy and gold market in 2019. Who is right?

Powell and gold between inflation and global slowdown

Do not expect higher gold prices due to the surge in inflation or dovish revolution within the Federal Open Market Committee.

Will the US mid-term elections boost gold?

The effect could be temporary, it’s true, but the post-midterm era should be a better time for gold.

The end of quantitative easing and gold

June was hot for the central banks. The Federal Reserve lifted the federal funds rate for the second time this year, while the European Central Bank announced that it would end its bond purchase program by the end of 2018.

June hike is coming. Will gold survive?

The recent Fed’s monetary policy statement did not bring good news for the gold market.

Mayday, mayday, gold is sinking!

An irresponsible U.S. fiscal policy seems to be the only bullish gold’s driver in operation right now.

Gold resists strikes

The current renewal of the Syrian conflict shouldn’t significantly affect gold prices.

Coup d'état that may shake the world

The elevated anxiety about a military conflict about Syria could provide a short-term support for the price of gold.

Please introduce yourself, Mr. Powell. Gold awaits you

There is a risk that the Fed’s forecast will be more aggressive, but the fears of a hawkish revolution may be a bit overblown.

Will Five Star Movement shine on gold?

The Italian election could affect the gold market via two channels.

What does February stock market crash mean for gold?

Gold didn’t offer a hedge against stock market turmoil. Instead, it shared with equities the fears against a more hawkish Fed and moved alongside stocks.

USD and Gold cycles

There were only four cycles compared to six in the US dollar: two gold bull markets and two gold bear markets.

Gold bulls, brace yourselves – Fed hikes are coming!

Gold may stay under pressure, especially that political uncertainty related to the Italian national election is likely to weigh on the euro in the near term.

Stock market volatility is already on the rise

Combined with worries about inflation and erroneous trade and fiscal policies, it may prompt investors to purchase some safe-havens, such as gold.

US dollar bull and bear markets

The USD Index seems to be at a decisive point and we should see relatively soon if the decline continues or if a major turnaround takes place instead.

Strange link between inflation and gold

Inflation surged yesterday. But gold dropped initially, only to quickly reverse the fall and fly into the air. Will gold soar on the inflation fuel?

Will stock market sell-off make gold shine or dull?

Analyzing Yellen’s crucial imprints on the Fed, the gold market could be affected in the future.

Upcoming turnaround in mining stocks

The price of no asset can move up or down in a straight line, so why should mining stocks be any different? When will the turnaround take place? It depends.

Four key trends for gold market in 2018

The World Gold Council published its gold market outlook for 2018. Will gold continue its January rally or should we expect declines?

USD shocker plus gold’s mutiny equals epic opportunity

The only thing that could make it more bullish is if the USD reversed under oversold conditions and close to the cyclical turning point. Oh wait. It did.