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Przemyslaw Radomski is the founder, owner and the main editor of Being passionately curious about the market’s behavior he uses his statistical and financial background to question the common views and profit on the misconceptions. “Don’t fight the emotionality on the market – take advantage of it!” is one of his favorite mottos. His time is divided mainly to analyzing various markets with emphasis on the precious metals, managing his own portfolio, writing commentaries, essays and developing financial software. Most of the time he’s got left is spent on reading everything he can about the markets, psychology, philosophy and statistics.
Mr. Radomski has started investigating the markets for his private use well before starting his professional career. He used to work as an informatics consultant, but this time-consuming profession left him little time for his true passion – the interdisciplinary market analysis. Establishing gave him the opportunity to put his thoughts, ideas, and experience into form available to other investors.
Two of the unique features available exclusively to Sunshine Profits’ Premium Service’s Subscribers are interactive tools and charts. The effects of Mr. Radomski’s research are available in the most up-to-date version ensuring tailor-made results through these distinctive features.
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US dollar bull and bear markets

The USD Index seems to be at a decisive point and we should see relatively soon if the decline continues or if a major turnaround takes place instead.

Strange link between inflation and gold

Inflation surged yesterday. But gold dropped initially, only to quickly reverse the fall and fly into the air. Will gold soar on the inflation fuel?

Will stock market sell-off make gold shine or dull?

Analyzing Yellen’s crucial imprints on the Fed, the gold market could be affected in the future.

Upcoming turnaround in mining stocks

The price of no asset can move up or down in a straight line, so why should mining stocks be any different? When will the turnaround take place? It depends.

Four key trends for gold market in 2018

The World Gold Council published its gold market outlook for 2018. Will gold continue its January rally or should we expect declines?

USD shocker plus gold’s mutiny equals epic opportunity

The only thing that could make it more bullish is if the USD reversed under oversold conditions and close to the cyclical turning point. Oh wait. It did.

Gold gains a powerful friend

Yesterday, gold won an influential supporter in the White House. Who is he?

Dollar will be key to gold sesame

The key question is whether the bearish trend in the greenback will continue or we will see a trend reversal.

Will surge in bond yields smash gold?

Yields on U.S. Treasuries have leaped recently. It will wreck the yellow metal. Or maybe not.

Silver volume extreme as in April 2013

It may be hard to notice silver’s signs with all that’s happening in the USD Index and given the rally in gold stocks, but it’s definitely worth it.

Macroeconomic outlook for 2018 and gold

Luckily or not, 2017 is behind us. However, investors are forward-looking, so let’s focus on what the coming months will bring for gold.

Will Chinese dragon boost or devour gold?

China may slow down its U.S. debt buying. Will gold rally or plunge, then?

More important than gold’s bottoming price

Time is more important than price. The time for a given move is up and the price reverses. When is gold likely to finally bottom?

The gold market in 2017

2017 seems to be a dull period for gold. However, all that does not fluctuate like Bitcoin is not uninteresting. Let's take a look.

Three key takeaways from December 2017 FOMC minutes for gold

Yesterday, the minutes of the FOMC December meeting were released. What do they say about the Fed’s stance and what do they mean for the gold market?

Strength or “strength” in the miners?

What’s the likely reason behind this year’s rally and what does it imply going forward?

Gold market themes for 2018

2018 has just begun. What will a new year bring for the gold market?

Fed unwinds, gold market yawns

This report analyzes how quantitative tightening has influenced financial markets so far, and what the Fed’s normalization would mean for the gold market.

U.S. industrial production in November 2017 and gold

Industrial production in the U.S. increased 0.2 percent in November. What does it mean for the gold market?

Yellen’s December 2017 press conference and gold

The latest FOMC meeting was accompanied by Janet Yellen’s press conference. Let’s analyze the implications of her remarks for the gold market.

Gold’s shooting star and its implications

Gold reversed quite clearly on Friday and shooting star candlesticks, as these sessions are called, are signs of a reversal. Did we see one?

New York Fed inflation gauge and gold

The New York Fed created a new inflation gauge. What does it mean for the gold market?

100% bullish signal for precious metals sector

There is something we saw based on last week’s closing prices that had 100% bullish efficiency in past few years. What is it, how we can use this knowledge?

Is gold really strong?

Silver and mining stocks declined for another day, but this time gold ended the session with a gain. How can we interpret the latter? As a sign of strength?

Will technology spur gold demand?

This week, the WGC released a market update entitled “Technology – a brighter outlook?”. What are the main conclusions of the report?