Keep dust under control with the H1 Swing

Tecpro Australia has the solution with the H1 Misting System. Its modular design means it can be scaled up or down to suit any sized application.

Flexible, autonomous dust suppression unit that’s ready to go

Italian company EMiControls recently launched its latest model - the autonomous V12sm Dust Controller which is mounted to a specially designed trailer with integrated water tank.

Improve your cooling system’s efficiency

Many businesses report up to a 30% saving in their energy costs – a significant benefit to an organisation's profitability.

Cluster Nozzles – the ideal replacement for under-performing dust suppression nozzles

Matching the size of dust particles with the size of water droplets is critical in every dust suppression installation. The challenge in some environments is to produce a mass of very fine water droplets using hydraulic pressure only. The CAY Cluster Nozzles offer an effective solution in these situations.

Use 50% less water every time you clean

How do you clean efficiently and cost effectively when water pressure is low or clean water supplies are limited? This is a dilemma many businesses face. But there is a solution - a Hose Gun that combines low pressure water with compressed air.

Vehicle Disinfection – Stop disease at the gate!

Tecpro Australia now offers cost effective Vehicle Disinfection Systems that are easy to install at the entrance (and exit) of your plant or farm. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the modular system can be constructed to fit the largest trucks with just a screwdriver, a spanner and 40 minutes.

Tough hose reels for tough operators

Designed and manufactured in Europe using 50% thicker Stainless Steel than standard hose reels, the Mine Spec Range of Hose Reels has been created to withstand the rigors of the toughest environments and roughest operators.

Flexible range of filter nozzles fits any system

Tecpro Australia’s large and flexible range overcomes repair and maintenance challenges, with filter nozzles available to meet any specification.

Sunstate Cement wins environmental innovation award for upgraded truck wash facility

To clean cement dust from its trucks more effectively, Sunstate Cement devised an ingenious truck wash facility, drawing on technical assistance provided by nozzle specialist, Tecpro Australia.

Stainless Steel Retractable Hose Reels – designed and made for performance and reliability

Tecpro Australia is proud to distribute the complete range of Ramex Stainless Steel Retractable Hose Reels in Australia and New Zealand.

A new orbital cleaner for tanks with small openings

Breconcherry’s latest orbital cleaner is extremely compact in size, enabling it to fit through tight openings and deliver a thorough clean.

A retractable hose reel with good looks and great functionality

New to the market, Tecpro’s latest retractable hose reels features an optional removable stainless steel cover.

Fog maker with ATEX certification now available

New ATEX certified fog maker is a fantastic innovation for dust prone environments at risk of explosion.