Tekoa Da Silva

Tekoa Da Silva is a resource writer, speaker, and financial journalist. He has worked with the top resource investors and company leaders worldwide and his work can be found at Bull Market Thinking.

Eric Sprott: We're looking for ways to survive '[the] counterfeiting of money'

'I don’t want to put words in everyone’s mouth but I would generally say we think of it as a ponzi scheme or as Rick Rule would call it, “counterfeiting of money.'

Doug Casey: We're really close to the edge of the precipice

Doug Casey talks about wealth, gold, Bitcoin and the mining business.

Rick Rule: 'Every billionaire I know took bets contrary to conventional wisdom at the time that were highly risk'

Rick noted that during these periods of extreme market pessimism, bets are presenting themselves, “Where you have [a] chance of losing half your money and another chance of making 10 times your money.”

Billionaire Eric Sprott: '[When] the data says hold your ground—you hold your ground. Normally there’s a big payday at the end'

During a time of widespread investor desertion of the precious metals and natural resource space, Eric Sprott, CEO of Sprott Asset Management shares his thoughts.

Rob McEwen: 'The next run will be driven by gold moving higher, as well as new discoveries'

The mantra of 'growth for growth’s sake' is still alive, but the companies who implement 'big data' within their operations will likely generate better returns for investors going forward.

Gold mining executives: “You have to be able to survive the lows in order to reap the benefit of the highs”

Despite following gold down over the last two years in terms of share-pricing, Gold Resource Corp. has avoided most internal pains suffered by mining companies during this ongoing bear market.

Jim Rogers: You'll make a lot more in the right mine than in the commodity … but you have to be careful

If you figure out the right mine, the right company—you could make a fortune.

Gold trader: Gold signaling potential waterfall crash over next 30-40 trading days

Technical gold trader and publisher of the Smart Money Tracker, Gary Savage's calls have outperformed most of the world’s hedge funds during 2011 and 2012.

David Morgan: 'During the last bull market, a lot of people gave up at $100 gold'

First-hand observations of the 70′s metals bull market.

Rick Rule: 'The same set of circumstances exist as in 2010 – but prices are now off by 80%'

'The majors are definitely going to sell projects that aren’t going to get built this cycle. They’re going to turn them into cash because they’re going to have to ...'

James Rickards: 'When the international monetary system collapses—it’s going to be about how much gold you have'

When the financial wars intensify, 'Russia and China [may] acquire massive amounts of gold and then ultimately announce a new gold backed currency.

Doug Casey: Everything in the world seems overpriced except for mining stocks

"There’s a lot of ruin in a country”, and it takes a long time for systems to wind down.

Gold is now ready to test September 2011 highs

It's very possible we could see gold retesting the September 2011 highs in the next three or four months.

Gold trader: “we’ve got all the conditions necessary to trigger a bubble phase in gold”

An interview with Gary Savage, technical trader and publisher of the Smart Money Tracker.

Hinde Capital: “Gold is trading at 75% of its production cost – that has never happened”

Companies need to fail and production needs to fall off a cliff before we see the gold price substantially improve.

Don Coxe: Hoarding may begin to develop again in commodities

We may begin to see hoarding develop in select commodities, similar to 2008-2009, against a backdrop of capitalism “laying in its death bed”—a result of on-going monetary stimulus.

Rick Rule: The precious metals could sell off again

Rick views this period as a reflection of the four times during his career that he’s seen absolute capitulation, which is setting the stage for a “spectacular recovery”.

History shows gold may drop to as low as $900 an oz. and still remain in a bull market

The period most widely referenced and compared to today's bull market is the late 1970s.

Sentry Investments: We've seen this before

It's quite common for a sector to look broken at the bottom.

The Soros position nobody is talking about

n the most recent 13-f filing on November 14th, the Soros fund increased its position in gold via the GLD fund from 884,400 shares, to 1.3+ million shares.

Interview: Oceanic Iron Ore Corp. courts Asian partners to unlock value at Hopes Advance

“The model is tried and true"