Tenova contracted as reliable supplier of processing lines for aluminum by Chalco Ruimin

The lines will start their production at the beginning of 2019.

Industry 4.0: A made-in-Italy project for metal 3D printing

The ultimate goal of this pilot project is to cover the entire value chain – from equipment supply to the finished product – creating a new model of factory based on 3D manufacturing, network infrastructure and digital processes accessible to several partners, and intensive training activities of the technical staff involved.

Tenova: new order for a walking beam furnace from NLMK, Russia

Tenova has recently been contracted by NLMK, one of the major Russian steel companies, for a 320 t/h walking beam furnace for the Hot Flat Shop HRS at their plant in Lipetsk, Russia.

EFSOP® off-gas system for Kyoei Steel Group plants

Japan’s Kyoei Steel Group introduces Tenova’s EFSOP® off-gas system as recognized technology for improving production and lowering cost through energy savings

Ferrobamba and Tenova sign a cooperation agreement for the Aymaraes (Peru) iron ore development project

Ferrobamba selects Tenova HYL Micro Module to develop its iron ore deposit and build a 250,000 t/y High Carbon DRI plant in Peru

Tenova developed a new Flexible Modular Furnace (FMF) for JSPL in India

A great success for an EAF revamped into a “FMF base module" at JSPL’s Raigarh Steel Plant. An innovative technology that allows JSPL to reduce production costs while maintaining high performances