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Going soft on hard currencies

Where oh where are we to put our hard earned shekels? What about the world's 'other' currencies?

Escaping the big blow off

Early indications are that Obama's job speech last night failed to impress. Europe is down, or essentially flat. Gold is rallying for a second straight day ..

It's the media, stupid!

I´m taking a contrarian position on this recession we're supposedly heading into.

Pretty little liars

I'm calling our current economic malaise 'Financial Crisis: Part deux' because it is simply too ludicrous to take seriously. It's comedy. Farce. Monty Python meets Benny Hill. The system is upside down, the boat is listing, the jig is up. Choose your own metaphor. They all fit.

Japan quake an unprecedented opportunity to rebuild

Marcus Noland of the Peterson Institute for International Economics said, “This is a Keynesian stimulus program that nobody can argue with: just rebuilding the city of Sendai. Rebuilding Sendai could actually be an opportunity to try to create a growth pole in northern Japan".

Navigating toppy markets

I'm watching Canada's Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) these days, since the exchange is heavily weighted in and materials.

Shares versus price

Folks, further to my last edition (published here March 9th), I've attached a rather good multi year chart compliments of Richard Rhodes and

Yes, now about those gold prices…

I haven't been buying gold, even though I know I should.

Cat fight looms over Lundin Mining assets

I've been predicting a cat fight over Lundin Mining's copper assets since HudBay's aborted takeover bid of the formerly cash-strapped miner in 2009.

Buy Cardero Resources Corp. (CDU.TSXV

Here's one I like: Cardero Resources Corp. (CDU.TSXV).

Abbie Hoffman invented quantitative easing

I've discovered that the Fed's concept of 'quantitative easing' is not new, or even particularly innovative.

Hu's on first but what's on second?

Jittery investors sold in earnest this week on speculation that China is going on some kind of austerity kick, destined no doubt to wreak havoc on the civilized world.

Panama's Bellhaven bullish on Colombia

Greetings subscribers Here's a deal I believe will get interesting in the weeks to come: Bellhaven Copper & Gold Inc., trading as BHV on Canada's TSX Venture Exchange. Bellhaven shares have been creeping up nicely […]

Metals – banks say invest with confidence through 2011

Greetings investors! I’m fixated on metals prices for the foreseeable future, though I’ve never had so much trouble seeing beyond the next 120 days in my life! Nevertheless, banks are suggesting ‘moderate’ support for the […]

Volatility ahead, but precious metals rally to remain intact

Greetings investors. Price predictions are a sucker's game, but it's fun to make them from time to time, even though it's absolute guesswork. The nature of the guessing game is changing though. Consider this two-tier […]

Sellers emerge as earnings season winds on

Greetings investors! In the past month I've written s series of articles about what I characterize as 'companies of interest'. I didn't issue buy recommendations as such, but you could have done worse than to […]

Coalcorp saga a lesson for miners in Colombia

Greetings investors! The past 18 months have been a heck of a ride for Coalcorp Mining Inc. (TSX:CCJ), and especially for its shareholders. Last summer the stock more than doubled, gave up virtually all of […]

Northland stock soars on rumoured hike in iron prices

The stars are lining up nicely for Northland's iron ore debut in Northern Sweden, which may explain why its stock price (NAU.TSX) has taken a stroll since I wrote about them two weeks ago. The […]

Big rally among the gold miners underway

Greetings investors! Last week I said the gold miners would fare better than gold futures in the days to come. I now think this rally, potentially long term, is underway. I've had some success in […]

Chart tips for savvy investors

I keep reading disgruntled comments by investors who get frustrated and sell on dips – even while the stock is in an uptrend! We have to stop being so mesmerized by the priceline and start […]

Mexico's new (old) political realities

Investors are wringing their hands these days over growing political risk in Latin America. But is it really any greater than it was a few short years ago? Certainly the rhetoric has grown more shrill, […]

Iron Portfolios

Am I the only investor in the world doing cartwheels over iron? Ok, it's boring, I'll give you that. Not shiny like gold or hard like diamonds, not sexy at all. It is, however, much […]

Teck positioned for growth in 2010

By Kevin Barker | # 022210 | Last year I said Teck Resources (TCK.NYSE, TSX) would get bigger or smaller, owing to its spectacular debt load. Actually, it did neither. Oh sure the company shed […]

Bringing Sexy back to Mining

I was browsing through a daily newspaper today looking for mining stories. There was nothing. Actually that’s not true. There was something on page 28 of the H section, written almost completely in jargon by […]

What a difference a day makes!

Will the ghost of last year’s hastily aborted Hudbay/Lundin Mining deal walk again after Lundin releases its fourth quarter earnings February 23rd? In fact it was a year ago this week that Hudbay Minerals Corp. […]