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Investment strategies for toppy markets

Sun Lzu, in his definitive book The Art of War, does not attribute success to aggression, bravery, or even size. Rather, he suggests the greatest source of strength is unity. I think there's a lesson […]

New Gold Inc growing at the speed of light

New Gold Inc. is looking good these days (NGD.TSX,AMEX)… The company has been around forever, but it’s present day structure stems from a more recent three-way merger with Peak Gold and Metallica Resources. Today it has […]

Investors should seek out companies with prospective porphyry projects

Greetings investors! Goldbugs have long proclaimed that the world is running out of vast, easily-mined gold discoveries. That's not new. But you have to wonder, when average investors begin openly questioning how the big producers […]

The BarkerLetter

Greetings investors! Here's a company I've been following forever, but haven't written about until now: Niogold Mining Corporation, trading under the symbol NOX on Canada's junior TSX venture exchange. The company has spent the past five […]