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With gold looking up, Haywood's Geordie Mark offers two names for now, two for later

Mark recommends two names in each category and tells investors to stay firm on quality, margin and performance.

Joe Reagor's equity picks for patient pickers

Reagor outlines types of companies he prefers and pairs those with names that patient investors could parlay into promising profits.

Senior gold producer Goldcorp takes large stake in Nevada's Gold Standard Ventures

Thibaut Lepouttre, editor of Caesars Report, speculates on why the major acted when and where it did, and what it might mean for the future.

Brian Bagnell's tips for smart oil and gas investing

In today's tough price environment where most oil and gas juniors are losing money, a strong balance sheet is the key to survival, says Brian Bagnell.

US Global's Ralph Aldis on the life-changing magic of an asset allocation plan

You have to have a plan and stick to it. This wisdom from U.S. Global Investors Fund Manager Ralph Aldis is true for investors and mining companies.

Inception Mining's diverse batch of assets offers production now, growth later

Inception CFO and Director Trent D'Ambrosio shares with The Gold Report his company's plans to boost production and expand mine life at Clavo Rico.

Rick Mills: How to profit from the demands of a growing world population

As the world prepares to house, feed and care for 9.7 billion people, Ahead of the Herd founder Rick Mills is looking for the companies that will profit from the silent tsunami of demand creeping up on resource and healthcare providers.

Almaden: Succeeding in a tough resource market with world-class management and gold-silver discovery

One of the highlights was the purchase of the used Rock Creek mill at a severe discount.

How does Jayant Bhandari maximize returns and minimize risk?

Bhandari explains why much of the world's populace is already chasing gold and why a smattering of junior gold equity names offer more than what a market in turmoil might suggest.

Gold Standard Ventures is uncovering bonanza grades in Nevada's Carlin Trend

CEO Jon Awde shares with The Gold Report readers his plans for moving the Railroad-Pinion project forward in 2016.

Veteran investor Rick Rule reveals a unique arbitrage opportunity

Rick praises innovative precious metals streams on base metal projects and one Canadian company that is adding value and being rewarded for it.

Why CSR makes sense for communities, companies and investors

Mining executives tell The Gold Report that the most effective corporate social responsibility programs (CSR) are orchestrated cooperatively instead of applied prescriptively.

Cantor Fitzgerald's Rob Chang names four miners that can survive $1,050 gold and $15 silver

In this interview with The Gold Report, he argues that in today's climate cash costs of $1,000/oz are the bare minimum necessary for survival.

Redstar Gold's Ken Booth discovers formula for success in the Alaskan gold fields

Redstar has a focused plan to keep drilling the mineralized property; Booth is looking to add weight to the company's sparkling roster of stockholders and institutional partners.

Eric Coffin calls out the Fed's biggest mistake and what you can do to protect your portfolio

In this interview with The Gold Report, Coffin implores gold equity investors to ask: Is the project financeable in this market?

Gold rises on Fed interest rate hike, as contrarians predicted

Within hours of the unanimous announcement on Wednesday that the Fed's benchmark short-term borrowing rate would go up a quarter point, gold was up $14/oz.

Lepouttre plays Santa Claus, gives away top 5 junior mining picks

Belgium-based Lepouttre also discusses different "black-swan" events and their potential impact on the gold price, as well as some naughty and nice mining jurisdictions.

Rob McEwen, the investor, has some advice for mining executives everywhere

Rob McEwen, explains why he still thinks that this is a possibility in the next four years and how companies can take advantage of technology to ensure that a price rise goes to the bottom line—and ultimately shareholders.

How investors at the California Capital Conference picked the next top small-cap companies

If only someone could bottle the experience of finding an overlooked company, investing for pennies a share and cashing in for 10, 20 or 30 times what you paid.

Mackie analyst Ryan Hanley's storm-tested Canadian equity picks

Hanley lists his storm-tested top picks, shines light on names with M&A potential, and sees smooth sailing ahead for some companies with near-term catalysts.

Invest like a fund manager: tips from the Silver Summit

The Gold Report hosted a standing-room-only fund manager panel at the Silver Summit in San Francisco featuring insights from three very different points of view.

The upside of a down mining market

When the instinct is strongest to curl up in a ball and wait out the ravages of the down market is also when smart companies snap up distressed projects and get to work while capital costs are low.

RAB's Philip Richards: Why a gradual bull market in metals is on its way

After five trying years, RAB Capital Founder and President Philip Richards sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

Michael Curran goes down-market shopping for winners

Sure there is risk, as Curran explains in this interview with The Gold Report, but the reward could come via either a takeover bid by an established producer seeking to lower its overall costs or by supporting these companies as they transition into emerging producers.

What every investor needs to know about the diamond market: Dundee's Matt O'Keefe

There is a difference between investing in diamonds stocks versus gold ones.