The Critical Metals Report

Rare Earth Metals growth drivers: Siddharth Rajeev

With so many moving variables in the rare earth space, how can investors evaluate investment opportunities? S

Winning the rare earth economic war: Luisa Moreno

China's sudden cuts to rare earth export quotas and domestic production marked the beginning of a Rare Earth Economic War, proposes Jacob Securities' Senior Mining and Metals Analyst Luisa Moreno.

Under-the-Radar Rare Earth Elements: James Passin

Sometimes the most exciting investment opportunities fly under the radar. James Passin of Firebird Management LLC combs the world for emerging opportunities in often overlooked areas.

Graphite and rare earth metals for the 21st Century: Jack Lifton

The list of once-obscure metals and minerals that are becoming "strategic" seems to be growing daily. However, population growth and rising living standards in developing countries are driving demand for most raw materials

Graphite applications expanding: Ryan Fletcher

Graphite, once the stuff of pencil lead, figures prominently in post-paper-age consumer electronics, and escalating spot prices reflect its critical role in electric vehicle manufacturing.

Rare Earth metals that fit the trends: Marcel Fuhrer

Success in the critical metals sector depends on finding the trends—how the metals will be used, where market share is allocated—and on familiarity with the companies you invest in, from who is on the management team to how much cash they have on hand.

New rare earth metal deposits in 2012: Jon Hykawy

China's tight grip on rare earth elements supply may loosen as other deposits around the world come to fruition in 2012.

Rare earth metals bears and bulls: Anthony Alfidi

Shrinking Chinese export quotas and market sentiment have made for unpredictable prices for rare earth elements, but the real opportunity lies with mining stocks.

The age of rare earth metals: Luisa Moreno

Just as the Bronze Age catapulted human civilization to new levels, so are critical metals changing the way we live in the modern world.

Anthony Young: China, Molycorp and the future of rare earths

Despite the name, rare earth elements are actually quite plentiful in the earth's crust—it's the companies that are close to producing these critical metals outside of China that are truly rare.

John Kaiser: rare earth companies poised for comeback

The companies in a race to produce critical heavy rare earth elements by 2016 are already way ahead of their smaller competitors.

Jonathan Lee: Graphite and Vanadium to benefit from battery market growth

Graphite and vanadium may be relatively obscure materials, but these commodities could get a jolt from developing battery technology.

The great rare earth metals reset

The rare earth sector has seen astronomical gains in recent years as Chinese export restrictions, short-sighted U.S. policy and investor interest combined to make front page news.

Jack Lifton: profit from really critical rare earth elements

Despite the important sounding name, not all rare earth elements are critical or in short supply compared to the ultimate demand. In this exclusive article for The Critical Metals Report, Jack Lifton, a senior fellow of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, shares the secrets for determining if a company has a chance of growing into a viable, profitable venture that will benefit both investors and host countries.

Can electric vehicles drive vanadium demand?

Solar and wind can't produce power when there is no sun or turbulence in the air. That is why energy storage will be vital for offsetting and balancing use of traditional baseload power sources during peak and off-peak periods.

Top REE stock picks

As uncommon as they may be, rare earth elements are all around you—in your laptop, your cell phone and your flat-screen television. But despite their frequency in our everyday lives, investors still have a lot of false preconceptions about these 16 elements.