The Energy Report

Dundee's David Talbot says green energy trend is your friend

David Talbot of Dundee Capital Markets forecasts uranium demand growth of about 6% compounded annually through 2020, which ought to be more than enough to kickstart depressed U3O8 prices.

Gear up for a violent uranium price spike: Cantor Fitzgerald's Rob Chang

In this interview with The Energy Report, he explains that electric utilities will begin to run short of fuel even before 2020, when 33 additional reactors are expected to come on line.

Shale investing 101: Matt Badiali reveals the science behind oil investments that pay off big time

As Matt Badiali, geologist and editor of the Stansberry Resource Report, explains, it has only been in the last few decades have we learned to release the potential of the massive oil and gas reservoirs in the U.S.

Marin Katusa's transformative vision of a post-Fission/Denison merger uranium world

Marin Katusa, founder of Katusa Research, shares his insight on why Fission investors rejected the deal and where he is finding value in the uranium and oil sector today.

US Global's Frank Holmes and Brian Hicks: The one essential to transform your resources portfolio? Patience

If you add patience to your portfolio management strategy, holding discounted oil and gas and metals mining stocks is one way to leverage the price equilibrium that will come when China's growth hits the market.

Jeb Handwerger predicts new wave of lithium and graphite winners in wake of Tesla deal

In this interview with The Energy Report, he singles out the unloved companies that could become media darlings in the coming boom in energy metals, uranium and—eventually—oil sectors.

Thomas Drolet warns of a coming Grand Canyon of uranium supply deficit and shares three ways to profit by it

A Grand Canyon of supply deficit is opening up in the uranium markets, with 66 nuclear reactors under construction globally and more restarting in Japan.

Flinders CEO Blair Way: What Tesla needs to know about the graphite sector

Flinders Resources CEO and President Blair Way shares the four factors to consider when analyzing a graphite company. Warning: It is a very different proposition than investing in a gold company.

Keith Schaefer picks the companies you will want to own if the conservatives win in Canada

Keith Schaefer outlines the sectors that will profit first from a reversal in oil and gas prices, and what he is doing to position his readers for success.

Uranium has a new hot spot: Haywood's Mick Carew

Mick Carew explains how a Brazilian phosphate company with a first-rate product might produce for portfolios.

How AlphaNorth's Steve Palmer copes with the commodity blues

Commodity markets change cyclically, and there is money to be made buying undervalued precious metals and energy juniors, including the handful of companies Palmer names in this interview with The Gold Report.

Randall Abramson locks on to unusual bargains at today's oil prices

Abramson discusses several bargains in the junior oil and gas space, as well as a handful of serviceable service names.

World's increasing appetite points to upside for ag input companies: Paradigm's Spencer Churchill

In this interview with The Energy Report, Churchill examines agricultural trends and discusses companies that can benefit from the world's increasing appetite, including one company with a streaming model unique in the ag sector.

Baby Steps: Mackie's Bill Newman finds oil & gas plays that produce no matter what

Volatility in the oil and gas markets continues, with prices plunging yet again in the recent chaos surrounding Greece's default negotiations and other global political and economic uncertainties.

Proven and productive: BNK Petroleum pumps growth from shale properties

BNK Petroleum Inc. operates on some very productive property in the Oklahoma oil and gas shale and is making progress on developing shale resources in Europe.

'Rent' the oil space to blunt the jagged downside of volatility: Paradigm's Ken Lin

Worried about a volatile oil and gas market? Paradigm Capital's Ken Lin advises waiting for quality companies to take a hit before swooping in to stock up, and then taking profits on the way up to avoid being caught in future carnage.

Uranium got you down? Better days are ahead: Cantor Fitzgerald Canada's Rob Chang

Chang foresees volatility as the 2020 uranium deficit draws closer and demand for the limited stockpile drives the price up.

How to ride the lithium battery boom: JGL Partners' Jonathan Lee

Lee tells The Energy Report that he expects double-digit compound annual growth rates over the next few years as battery prices continue to fall and demand rises.

U.S. Global's Brian Hicks shares his summer plans for creating the ultimate resource fund

Plus, he reveals the dramatic shift he made in the fund this year that allows him to get paid to wait for the market to catch fire.

Now is the time to own the Oil & Gas Leaders: Keith Schaefer

U.S. shale oil producers have responded to the oil price collapse so quickly, and with such discipline, that they've shown they are able to turn production on and off as if with a light switch.

The message from the Australian Front is uranium is looking more attractive: Patersons' Simon Tonkin

In this interview with The Energy Report, Tonkin tells us how the uranium investment space works—and which junior explorers in Australia, Africa and North America look attractive as the price of yellowcake continues to stabilize.

Dundee's David Talbot charges ahead, confident that uranium has a bright future

Smart energy investors pay attention when Dundee Capital Markets' David A. Talbot speaks. With decades of experience as a geologist and financial analyst, Talbot knows his game.

Chen Lin sees buying opportunity of a lifetime in energy stocks

After correctly predicting $47/bbl oil last year, Chen Lin is licking his stock-picking chops at the bargains now available.

With expertise and a little luck, East West petroleum reels in profits despite oil price plunge

CEO David Sidoo tells The Energy Report how shrewd joint ventures and a firm commitment to low costs have led to highly profitable wells in New Zealand and significant upside in Romania.

Five companies in Australia's Cooper Basin worth watching: Canaccord Genuity's Johan Hedstrom

Canaccord Genuity energy analyst Johan Hedstrom is tasked with scouring the Australian oil patch looking for good deals even as prices slip and slide.