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Contrarian Steve Palmer's balancing act stretches from Western Canada to the East China Sea

Steve Palmer of AlphaNorth Asset Management has made a career of spotting companies loaded with value, and he tells The Energy Report not only what he looks for, but also where he has found it.

Galaxy Resources: A new focus to meet the coming lithium demand

Just two years ago, Galaxy Resources Ltd. was overleveraged and unfocused.

Macquarie's Brian Bagnell: Forget peak oil; worry about peak demand

Brian Bagnell of Macquarie Capital Markets has two caveats for investors in junior oil and gas companies: Expect extreme volatility, and don't expect oil prices above $70/barrel anytime soon.

Raymond James analyst's four top picks for the coming uranium upswing

Uranium spot prices have shown more life recently, says David Sadowski, mining equity research analyst at Raymond James, and he expects upward pressure to continue as utilities resume buying to meet future needs. In this interview, he tells The Energy Report the time is ripe to invest in uranium company stocks.

Michael Waring has seen the energy downturn movie before, and he's not worried

In this interview with The Energy Report, Waring explains that this kind of correction happens every 10 years in this space. It presents opportunities for companies to improve and investors to profit—and he names four companies he considers most likely to succeed.

Jason Wangler throws a lifeline to oil and gas investors

The crash in oil prices and the continued depression in gas prices have exploration and production companies and their services providers hunkered down, cutting capital expenditures and trying to bring spending into line with income, says Wunderlich Securities Analyst Jason Wangler.

Revolutionary oil prospector Richard Masterson shares fracking investment opportunities Gov. Cuomo can't touch

In this interview with The Energy Report, Masterson describes the significance of innovative science and new methods of prospecting to locate and liberate large amounts of energy, regardless of NIMBY politics like those playing out in New York State.

Turbulent times call for insulated investments: Steven Salz

The special situations analyst at M Partners tells The Energy Report that falling oil prices are hurting oil field services companies in different measures depending on their specialties, but that all are taking hits.

Chen Lin: low oil prices fuel bonanza increases in Ethanol Stocks

Chen Lin was one of the very few who foresaw the collapse in oil prices, so investors are well advised to pay attention to his advice.

Micro-Cap E&Ps with less risky businesses: Casimir's Philip Juskowicz

Many small-cap exploration and production companies have had a good run in recent years, but are now getting whacked given their strong connections to oil prices.

Smart oil is cheap oil: Rudolf Hokanson

Even a global economic growth slowdown will not seriously impact the future of the shale oil patch, Rudolf "Rudy" Hokanson tells The Energy Report.

Marin Katusa: winter is coming—how investors can win in the 'Colder War'

Casey Research energy strategist Marin Katusa cautions that Russia and China have forged an alliance with the goal of world supremacy through control of the energy market and Vladimir Putin is winning.

Angelos Damaskos: five juniors that insulate investors from today's low oil prices

Angelos Damaskos, principal adviser of the Junior Oils Trust, admits that he finds the recent collapse in oil price a mystery. Nonetheless, he has no doubt that demand will compel higher prices in the medium and long term.

UEX's Lemaitre talks blue chip junior strategy: exploration excellence

After losing half of its value, the spot price of uranium has in recent weeks risen from less than $30 per pound to $42 per pound. Roger Lemaitre, President and CEO of UEX Corp., is pleased but not surprised, as a supply shortage looms, and sanctions against Russia are spooking utilities.

Three ways to play uranium: Dundee's David Talbot names his top draft picks

Dundee Capital Markets Vice President and Senior Mining Analyst David Talbot explains the turbulent currents roiling the uranium space, and names eight players he thinks are positioned just right.

Oil and gas investor editor Leslie Haines: we will never stop importing oil, but we may start exporting

Horizontal drilling and fracking have opened new opportunities for investing in domestic energy, whether for pure-play explorers in developing shales, producers in mature areas, or service companies opening up the monster wells.

Looking for lithium mega-deals with Thibaut Lepouttre

Where will Tesla Motors get the tons of lithium it will need to make advanced batteries at its Nevada gigafactory?

Oil field services surprise: Brandon Dobell on the upstart that could compete with the big three

Consolidation is coming to the oil and gas industry, says Brandon Dobell of William Blair & Co.

America's first oil sands producer and other natural resources surprises: Peter Epstein

Who stands to capture the graphite market?

Where is Casey's Marin Katusa stashing his money when Europe heats up?

Shares four junior names he thinks could profit, and one truly contrarian name for those expecting the worst.

Looking for the next big thing? Jason Sawatzky has a suggestion

For him, the word is "oilfield services."

Africa: New land of opportunity? Ashley Kelty points to the positives

The key is that Africa is still largely unexplored.

Catalyst check: Updating the progress of energy stocks on the Natural Resources Watchlist

The total portfolio is up 14% as of today.

Are you ready to capitalize on emerging world growth and US oil independence?

India, China to require more coal for power, copper for infrastructure.

Chen bullish on ethanol, oil producers, bearish on refiners

China could become main export buyer of US ethanol.