The Energy Report

Plenty of opportunities still left in international junior E&Ps: Amin Haque

You may not think 'oil' when you hear 'Albania,' but the once war-torn nation is home to the largest onshore oil field in Europe.

Four international O&G juniors for a globe-sweeping shale revolution: Christopher Brown

For investors, it's a case of massive potential upside for practically nothing—at least until the market wakes up.

Why Chen Lin is buying fracking stocks and selling gold holdings

The whole fracking revolution is picking up steam. We could see as much as a 1 million barrel per day increase in North American oil production!

Positive 2014 outlook for oil and gas – James C. West

Likely constitutional change in Mexico will spur momentous industry growth, along with new deepwater targets opening up in offshore China.

How Edward Guinness' alternative energy portfolio climbed 67% in one year

Before you know it, rooftop solar could be as ubiquitous as mobile phones, and developments in wind energy are already creating a compelling value proposition for energy consumers.

Colorado floods highlight opportunity in oil and gas services

Emergency service, information technology and small infrastructure-building companies have found a profitable niche in making oil and gas operations safer and more responsive in the event of disaster.

Technical analysis toolkit for energy investors: Clive Maund

Candlestick, head-and-shoulders, ascending triangle: If these phrases aren't familiar to you, you're missing out on major profit opportunities.

LNG Exports: The $35 billion bull invading Canada

The hottest new thing happening in the North America oil exploration and production space: The rush by major oil and gas firms to build LNG export facilities on Canada's West Coast.

Don Coxe: China, Japan and Chekhov's gun – Where does fracking fit in?

Don Coxe says that the fracked oil and gas boom has saved the U.S. from endless recession and explains why he remains bullish on China and Japan as sources of energy demand.

Bob Moriarty: On the road to Armageddon, take shelter in resources

The worst place to be right now is bonds. The second worst place is the Dow and the S&P. The safest place to be is resources.

Pavel Molchanov: How to make money with clean tech energy (it can be done!)

Clean tech is much more than solar panels. So if you're squeamish from the Solyndra bankruptcy, it's time to do some more homework.

Frank Curzio: How to play the diesel/natural gas switch and US LNG exports

The transportation industry is eager to make the switch to cheap natural gas, and the oil and gas industry wants to further its reach by building LNG export facilities.

Bill Powers: give up the shale gas fantasy and profit when the bubble bursts

The U.S. is heading toward world gas prices. To recap, this means double-digit prices within the next three to five years for a number of reasons.

Casey's Marin Katusa: Conflict could be good for energy investors

Though Syria is not a major producer of oil, the impact of war can reach far beyond its borders. Conflict in the Middle East almost always results in higher oil prices for the rest of the world.

Uranium price headed for $50 in 2014, taking stocks higher: Rob Chang

The stubborn spot price of uranium has frustrated market watchers for the past year. But that's not the whole story.

Bruce Edgelow: Optimistic banker sees 'encouraging time in the basins'

Technology advances have opened new exploitation opportunities for the Canadian oil and gas market.

Micro-cap oil stocks that hit the jackpot: Phil Juskowicz

If you want the most bang for your buck, quality E&P micro caps are the way to go.

The low-cost, high-yield strategy making oil investors money: Josh Young

Companies are saving development dollars by reworking old wells.

Two ways to capitalize on accelerating lithium demand: Luisa Moreno

The sleekest, most efficient electronic product is nothing without the battery that powers it. Enter lithium, the raw material battery manufacturers depend on.

Canada's heavy oil producers are positioned for big payoffs: Alistair Toward

Improved heavy oil pricing means these producers are enjoying significantly bigger netbacks.

Smart fracking: Jim Letourneau on enhanced oil recovery with competitive costs

Letourneau discusses new ways to play the ever-evolving shale revolution.

Bill Newman: As Argentina backpedals, will oil and gas companies step on the gas?

Argentina's nationalist seizure of YPF's assets last year stunned markets, but loss of foreign investment compromised the nation's energy self sufficiency.

Top ten stocks for a uranium price rebound: David Talbot

Catalysts that could trigger the next uranium boom and the companies that could make investors wish they had arrived at the party a little earlier.

Jocelyn August: Top five catalysts for small-cap energy equities

Catalysts are a little like earthquakes: They shake things up.

How exporting US gas will transform global energy markets: Sam Wahab

Here's the situation: North America is swimming in cheap natural gas, whereas international markets are thirsty for it and paying a premium. Now that the DOE is beginning to approve LNG export permits, North American […]