The Energy Report

Profit from seasonal energy cycles

For short-term traders, understanding cyclical markets is the key to profits.

Avoid the Middle East, invest in US refineries

Senior energy analyst Fadel Gheit explains how the shift in natural gas prices has turned the refinery business from the industry's perennial ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

Transformative energy technologies

Michael and Chris Berry discuss energy metals and emerging tech.

Forget OPEC, North American energy plays bring profits home

How dwindling exports to the US from Latin America, Africa and the Middle East are shifting the supply and demand equation across the world.

Realize the full potential of natural gas

Senior analyst Jeff Grampp tells us why drilling in domestic gas fields for export is a good idea.

Potential oil glut!

Raymond James Equity Research analyst makes a contrarian forecast for 2014.

Diversification is key to energy value

Frank Holmes and Brian Hicks of U.S. Global Investors view shale oil plays as integral to an energy renaissance.

Which oil companies could benefit from price differentials?

Oil and gas analyst Chad Ellison explains how producers are protecting themselves against price downside or increasing upside exposure.

Why Bill Powers is dead wrong

Geologist and editor Matt Badiali discusses the true potential for U.S. natural gas, as well as what type of energy really gets him excited.

Investors versus traders: A battle for oil and gas profits

Energy analyst Robert Cooper talks about the need for selectivity and patience for catalysts that can crystallize underlying stock values.

How to spot oil and gas takeout targets

Analyst Daren Oddenino discusses merger and acquisition trends.

Keith Schaefer names the last-standing shale plays

Shale oil has been North America's great experiment but its success is in question and steep declines may be ahead.

Pickens and Stansberry wrong, shale gas production to fall

Independent analyst and author Bill Powers sees serious flaws in how reserves are reported, and his own research shows steep, across-the-board production declines in the near future.

Will development pitfalls create a global potash shortage?

Major players are planning for long-term demand by developing brownfield projects, but they're running into hurdles.

Energy metals bonanza: Chris Berry

It's a great time to be invested in energy metals, says Chris Berry, president and founder of House Mountain Partners.

Finding growth in a flat energy market: Tim Murray

Clean balance sheets, cash flow visibility and trading liquidity in oily stocks are the cornerstones of investment success in junior E&Ps, according to Oil and Gas Analyst Tim Murray of Desjardins Securities.