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Learning How Delta Creates Profits When Trading Gold

Last week's articles focused specifically on the option Greek Theta. This week we will shift gears and adjust our focus on Delta, another fundamental tenet of option trading. The official definition of Delta as provided […]

Learning How Theta Can Be Utilized to Trade Gold

A fundamental knowledge of Theta is imperative in order to understand the mechanics and construction of option strategies. In many cases, Theta is either the profit engine or the means by which experienced option traders […]

Panic Selling Slams the Market but Will Gold Hold?

Did you close out any long positions today? Well if not then you are one of a few! Today (Wednesday) the market gapped down 1.5% at the opening bell which set a very negative tone […]

Volume by Price Reveals Key Support & Resistance Levels

I find it amazing how many traders do not use volume as a factor in their trading decisions. I believe it's always important to track the volume no matter which time frame you are trading […]

The Hidden Potential of Learning How to Trade SP500 & Gold Options

Market technicians believe they operate in a world that few people truly understand. It is as if they believe they are working in some sort of secretive financial construct that only a few lucky souls […]

Yellow & Black Gold Shine Compared to the SP500

Commodities have been shining recently as the US Dollar loses its luster for investors. Also the weakening dollar has helped boost equities as a lower US dollar helps the large multi national companies. This report […]

How to Find Low Risk SP500, Gold & Oil ETF Setups

As we all know there is an unlimited amount of ways to trade the financial markets. Each person sees the market in a different way, has different skill sets, trading experience and risk tolerance levels. […]

Financials, Oil & Gold on the Move

Most traders I have been talking with are feeling the same thing. Something big is brewing for the equities market but most do not want to get heavily involved until there is a clear direction. […]

How To Be Positioned for SP500, Gold & Oil

The second half of last week we saw some strong price action in the equities market. The SP500 broke through the 5 and 50 day moving averages closing the week just under key resistance levels. […]

Back 2 Back Reversals for the Stock Market

The market continues to become quicker and fiercer as it move up and down 2+% on a regular basis This week we have seen some wild price swings due to earnings, events and the Fed's […]

Gold, Oil and SP500 Trading Patterns

It was an interesting options expiration week for equities that's for sure. We saw some very choppy price action with large waves of buying and selling as the bulls and bears fought for control. Both […]

Mid-Week US Dollar, Oil, Gold and SP500

It's been another strong week for equities but are stocks and commodities about to get hit with some selling pressure? I have put together a short video coving all of these investments but here is […]

Is Gold About To Rocket and SP500 Tank Video

Last week we saw stocks move sharply higher as traders started to cover their short position which added fuel to an already oversold market ready to bounce. Overall volume was not that strong on the […]

Gold, Black Gold and Equities Technical Charts

It's been a short but exciting week so far. Investors and traders are have been scratching their heads the past few days as stocks continued to bounce around giving mixed signals. But today was a […]

Market Meltdown & Metal Missiles – SPX, Gold, Silver & Oil

Market Meltdown & Metal Missiles – SPX, Gold, Silver & Oil What a nutty week for the equities market! The bleeding has not led up with almost 2 weeks of straight selling. Also we are […]

The Technical Traders View on Gold, SPX and Financial

It was a non stop sell off last week in equities as the SP500 sold down 4 days straight with a small move up on Friday. While investors were cashing out of stocks, we saw […]

Dollar, Gold, Oil and the SP500’s Mid-Week Trading Video

It’s been a crazy week for gold, oil and the SP500 again…. Since the market top in April we have seen large moves almost EVERY day in the market. I would say this is one […]

Dow, Gold & Oil are Breaking Out or Bouncing

Over the years we have seen the stock market make some pretty exciting moves for share holders. This year alone there have been some interesting events unfold causing wild market swings which most of us […]

A Colorful View on SPX, Gold & Oil

Crude Oil Futures – Daily Chart Oil is trading a key pivot point and also looks to have formed a possible bear flag. At the moment I am neutral on oil, it’s a 50/50 guess […]

Gold, Oil & SPX Trading at Key Pivot Points

Last week we saw the financial market including commodities move higher which was great to see. But the recent run up has brought both equities and commodities to their key resistance levels. With Gold, Oil […]

SPX, Gold & Oil on the VERGE of Something BIG

Market volatility continues to shake things up making it profitable for traders who are quick to spotting key reversal points, manage risk and taking profits before it evaporates. On Tuesday we saw the market go […]

Safe Havens are Shining but are Equities about to Rocket Higher?

It was another extremely volatile week sharp rallies followed by sharp sell offs. Fear is in no doubt controlling the market. The bulls and bears continue to battle it out. The charts below cover some […]

Finding Gold & SP500 Low Risk Setups

It's been a very exciting week so far for gold and SP500 traders as we take advantage of mass crowd behavior. Trading against the masses can be very profitable during certain situations but more times […]

Trend Trading Gold, Silver, Oil & SP500

Last week looked and felt like a pivotal week for both stocks and commodities. The past two weeks have had investors and traders in a panic as they try to find safe investments for their […]

The Gold & Silver Precious Metals Correction

It's been an exciting week for traders as volatility levels are through the roof and the broad market is moving up and down like a yoyo. You cannot take your eyes off the screen if […]