The Lead South Australia

South Australian geologists to drive a revolution in minerals exploration

New research centre has been established to help reduce the cost of mineral exploration in Australia in order to boost output.

Waterless ore processor improves mining efficiency

A WATERLESS ore processor is increasing iron ore recovery rates and purities.

Power plan to bridge gap between farmers and miners

Remote mining projects in farming areas could soon access baseload electricity from biomass plants powered by straw.

Harnessing bacteria to turn gold grains into nuggets

A bacteria that re-concentrates gold grains into nuggets is being targeted by researchers for its potential to optimise gold extraction processes from ore, old tailings or recycled electronics.

Copper find unearths mining boost for South Australia

A new copper find in South Australia has the potential to easily boost production.

Bluetooth mining sensors save time and money in diamond drilling

BLUETOOTH technology is being used to increase the efficiency and precision of diamond drilling.

New metal detection technology strikes gold

The larger coil not only covers more ground in less time but its improved depth detection also helps search for gold previously too deep to detect.

Resin firing system leads way in strata control

A system to stop mines from caving in will be used to safeguard new projects in Mongolia.

Scoping study boosts confidence in South Australian graphite mine

The finding has Archer Exploration Limited’s 2873 sq km Eyre Peninsula Graphite Project on track to become one of Australia’s first new-era graphite mines.

3D exploration model opens up South Australia

A 3D model showing underground landscapes to a depth of 100km of an entire Australian state has been launched.

Bacteria mineral extraction project could be a win for miners and the environment

Using bacteria to extract minerals from ore is showing the potential to replace dangerous processing chemicals such as cyanide in the mining industry.

Solar panel recycler leads Australia in emerging industry

Adelaide-based Reclaim PV has teamed up with major solar panel manufacturers who distribute in Australia and is refining its processes as well as lobbying for panels to be included in recycling regulations.

First glimpse of potential Nullarbor treasures

SOME of the first geological images of one of the world’s last unexplored mineral frontiers have glimpsed the mining potential of Australia’s vast Nullarbor Plain.

Molten salt technology to reduce mining industry costs

The University of South Australia has formed a collaborative research funding partnership with Centrex Metals Limited in a bid to use the cutting-edge technology to significantly reduce energy and water usage, and therefore the cost of mineral processing using molten salts.

Hydrogen-based fuel reduction system to cut transport costs by 10 percent

A DEVICE to cut fuel use by 10 to 15 per cent while reducing the exhaust emissions of internal combustion engines will be targeted at the mining and transport industries.

Australia's highest-grade flake graphite deposit gains mining approval

Lincoln Minerals has been granted a 21-year lease for the 300-hectare Kookaburra Gully graphite project on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.

Copper purification system to cut shipping costs

South Australian company OZ Minerals has designed a refining process that allows it to increase the quality of its copper concentrate and exponentially reduce export costs.

Potential lithium brines investigated in Australia

As society becomes more dependent on technology, metals like lithium are in high demand.

Bluetooth technology ushers in new era of technological advancement

A COMPANY creating Bluetooth devices to help the mining industry run more efficiently is expanding its technology for use in everyday life.

Search begins for buyer to mine gypsum deposit

South Australia produces about 4 million tonnes of gypsum per year, accounting for about 80 per cent of Australia’s production and supplying most of the country’s domestic requirements.

South Australia to triple copper production

The South Australian Government has launched its long-term Copper Strategy to produce and export more than $8 billion of copper a year and entrench the state as one of the world’s major suppliers of the metal.

Internet of Things to hone mine craft

AN ‘Internet of Things’ cluster designed specifically for the mining and energy resources sector is set to boost productivity, efficiency and safety in the industry.

Ultra-pure graphene found in graphite deposits in Australia

The world is well-versed in the power of disruptive technologies, but what about disruptive metals?

Remote monitoring system helps reduce costs for contract mining companies

ADVANCED remote monitoring systems are quickly helping reduce some of the massive operational costs faced by mining operators.

New highly sensitive method for detecting gold at drill sites

Using advanced photonics, Dr Agneszka Zuber and Associate Professor Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem's method can find gold nanoparticules at detection limits a hundred times lower than current methods such as X-ray Diffraction (XRD) and X-ray Fluorescence (XRF).