The Metals Report

Ryan Castilloux: Sorting reality from hype in the crowded rare earth industry

Evaluating rare earth projects is a tricky business, and the ambiguous reporting methods some companies use don't make it any easier.

Maximizing returns in an uncertain mining market: Tom Szabo

Which metals and rare earth companies are set to strike in this volatile market?

Wave of future investment from the ground up: Byron King

An increasingly high-tech world is on the horizon, but technological revolution can't take place without the right materials, especially graphite and platinum group metals.

Look beyond gold for compelling risk/reward ratios: Michael Curran

Diversify, diversify, diversify—that's Michael Curran's advice for metals investors.

Pro-or seizes market opportunity with platinum recycling technology

Every year, nearly 15 million North American cars expire—and recycling the platinum group metals within them is far cheaper than building a three-mile mine shaft in a faraway country.

David Franklin: Is platinum the new gold?

While white metal miners face a variety of challenges, there is an increasing demand for platinum and palladium from vehicle manufacturers in the U.S. and China.

Dave Forest: How to play the looming platinum supply crisis

South Africa, platinum mining giant, is about to fall off the investment map.

Anthony Mariano: Calling next-generation REE investors

If you thought you had rare earth element mining all figured out, think again.

Mark Seddon: Why you should look twice at an ugly duckling metal

Tungsten just doesn't have the sex appeal that made investors fall for the rare earth story but ...

Electric transportation could jump-start rare earth markets: Patrick Wong

Hybrid and electrical cars are on the cusp of overtaking standard automobiles. And when they do, the rare earth markets will take off.

Eight catalysts that can move your mining stocks: Jocelyn August

Investment by a strategic partner or an investment bank moves a stock up or down by 8.5%.

Chris Berry: Rare earth stocks show signs of life, but will the uptrend stick?

The PMI data in the Eurozone and the U.S. surprised to the upside, which is a hopeful sign going forward.

The results are (almost) in for rare earth competitors: Alex Knox

This is a good time to keep your eyes open and sharpen your pencil to crunch some numbers.

A radical solution for the rare earth supply crunch: Jack Lifton

Iron miners don't make cars, so why should rare earth miners make magnets?

Chris Ecclestone: What M&A deals reveal about management—and if they're worth your investment dollars

Ecclestone discusses the anatomy of a mining deal, a few strategic metals stories flying under the radar and Soros Fund's latest maneuver in the metals market.

Seven Australian companies to survive a metals market correction

Analyst Andrew Richards believes his country's resource sector has turned a corner.

Some like it hot: The outlook for industrial metals

Analyst Lisa Morrison discusses the price outlook for 26 commodities over the next four years and gives them a temperature rating from hot to freezing.

The conflict over conflict metals

Lisa Reisman, managing editor of, sees opportunity in the controversial provisions governing conflict minerals.

Flake graphite prices have bottomed

Industrial minerals analyst Simon Moores says now is the time to look for responsible junior graphite miners that base their economics on current (lower) prices

Tips for diversifying beyond gold

Geologist Brent Cook suggests base metals are a great way to diversify.

New mining technology could increase profits

Trends editor Richard Karn says the need for low-cost production may prove to be the new basis for invention.

Three more years of heavy rare earth shortages

Research analyst Luisa Moreno says many of the companies unearthing them are still learning to navigate the supply chain.

Anorthosite: What it is and why you should care

Rick Mills sees a revolution in the making with this mineral.

Tungsten enters the limelight with bullish fundamentals: Ken Chernin

Location, processing and capital can make the tungsten market a tough place to be, but dwindling supply and insubstantial production indicate a coming price swing.

Is Canada still safe for metals mining?

Stocks and commodity prices are moving sideways plus tax changes in Canada may signal less friendly treatment for exploration investment.