Valentina Ruiz Leotaud

Valentina Ruiz Leotaud is a Venezuela-born multimedia and multiplatform journalist. She has +10 years of work experience covering local and international news, as well as arts and culture information for different media outlets and platforms. She holds a Master's Degree in journalism from the University of British Columbia and was a fellow of the International Reporting Program. vleotaud(at)

How energy-deprived areas benefit from vanadium redox batteries

Vanadium redox flow batteries have a 20+ year lifespan and at the end of the battery’s mechanical life, the electrolyte can be re-used over and over again.

Experts say increased demand for solar panels causes spike in silver prices

British researchers analyzed a series of datasets from the London Bullion Market, installed solar energy capacity and solar gross electricity production between 1990 and 2016.

MMG’s Las Bambas copper mine threatened with new blockade

The Nueva Fuerabamba community is willing to organize a new blockade if the government doesn’t archive the criminal complaints filed against members of his community taking part in the protests against Las Bambas in Peru.

American Manganese’s lithium-ion battery recycling technology achieves high recovery rates

An independent lab ran a series of tests and average recovery rates ranged from 91.4% to 94%.

Protesters block road used by Hudbay to transport copper in Peru

Members of the community of Tacrara were demanding compensation for the use of a road that, according to them, Hudbay’s trucks were not supposed to be using.

Swedish scientists develop fastest hydrogen sensor for hydrogen-powered vehicles

The device is capable of detecting 0.1 percent hydrogen in the air in less than a second.

Las Bambas’ copper out to the markets after 68-day blockade

The Nueva Fuerabamba community agreed to let Las Bambas' trucks circulate through the Corredor Minero del Sur.

MMG’s subsidiary in Peru reaches deal with blockaders at Las Bambas copper mine

Due to the conflict, some 8,000 people were being prevented from working at the mining complex.

Antofagasta secures funding for Los Pelambres expansion project

The full $1.3 billion project cost is being debt financed by Los Pelambres.

Former coal-fired power plant in Ontario becomes solar facility

Since 2014, Ontario Power Generation stopped using coal to generate electricity in Canada's most populous province.

Researchers learn to produce borophene on a gold surface

Borophene is the atom-flat form of boron. The findings constitute a step toward practical applications like wearable or transparent electronics.

Northern Vancouver Island’s mineral potential to be surveyed

According to Geoscience BC, every time its team runs projects like this one, new investment comes into the region at hand.

MMG’s subsidiary in Peru rejects blockade at Las Bambas, asks for dialogue

Since early February, the Indigenous community of Nueva Fuerabamba has been blocking a national highway called Corredor Minero del Sur.

Australia launches Critical Minerals Strategy 2019 focused on innovation and tech

The plan puts emphasis on emphasis on agritech, aerospace, defense, renewable energy and telecommunications.

Peruvian authorities search for solutions to blockade affecting shipments from Las Bambas copper mine

For 48 days now, the Indigenous community of Nueva Fuerabamba has blocked Chinese miner MMG Ltd from using a national highway.

Scientists find new way to power electric cars using cobalt

The discovery was made while working on another research project: using cobalt as a catalyst to convert carbon dioxide from the atmosphere back to hydrocarbon fuels.

Alrosa says Verkhne-Munskoye deposit is more prolific than previously thought

During a 5-day experiment, the company extracted 239 diamonds larger than 8 carats.

Vale’s Sul Superior Dam in critical condition

The dam is located in the municipality of Barão de Cocais, in the southeastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

Plant that treats wastewater from Gold King Mine spill up and running after failure

The plant failed on March 14, 2019, due to a loss of power.

Peruvian president says fight against illegal mining in the Amazon is ongoing

More than 11,000 hectares of forest have been destroyed in the southeastern Madre de Dios department.

Alrosa's resources estimated in over 1 billion carats

Reserves were estimated at 628 million carats.

Copper was key in the emergence of primitive life on Earth

High availability of copper and low availability of oxygen during the Neoproterozoic period gave scientists the first clues.

Salary not top priority for mining jobseekers – Study

Out of 800 people polled, 40% prioritize work-life balance.

Peru's gold, copper exports down

Total mineral exports fell by 16.8% in January.

Gold and graphene now used in biosensors to detect diseases

Scientists took what they call a "first step" toward creating ultrasensitive biosensors to detect the disorders that cause affections such as Alzheimer's disease.