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At Visual Capitalist we believe that exceptional visual content has the power to transform how investors gain insight and share information. Because of this, we use both data visualization and infographics to showcase our original research on commodities and equities. This allows investors to get information fast, instinctively, and clearly.

INFOGRAPHIC: Bitcoin Vs. Gold

Bitcoin has grown wildly in popularity in its short history. But how does it stack up against gold, the international currency for thousands of years? Find out in today's post!

INFOGRAPHIC: Five reasons to own gold (part 4 of 5)

This infographic, part four in our 2014 Gold Series, covers the best reasons to own gold.

INFOGRAPHIC: The evolution of US currency

Take a look at today's infographic and learn about the evolution of American Currency.

INFOGRAPHIC: Trading Forex – a large and liquid market

In case you haven't been paying much attention to Forex, it might be a wise idea to keep it in mind. Trading foreign currencies is a multi-trillion dollar a day market and it brings many benefits to the table for investors.

INFOGRAPHIC: How Algorithms have changed the face of Wall Street

Algorithms have changed the way investors are trading on the stock market and it has made the process incredibly lucrative.

INFOGRAPHIC: The hedge fund all-stars

The NBA Finals may be over, but that doesn't mean there aren't any other All-Stars out there making big moves. Today's post highlights the top performing Hedge Fund Managers in the world.

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 mind blowing things about Tesla Motors

CEO Elon Musk, credited with much of Tesla`s success, did not actually start the company.

INFOGRAPHIC: Silver – the undercover super metal

Silver has a reputation for being gold’s less desirable sister, but make no mistake, silver may still be a golden opportunity to invest in.

INFOGRAPHIC: 50 interesting bitcoin facts

In previous infographics, we have covered bitcoin's history and how it works, but here is an infographic that quickly sums up 50 interesting facts on the cryptocurrency:

INFOGRAPHICS: Gen Y: The next generation of investors

Move over Baby Boomers, the next generation of investors is here and they plan on doing big things.

INFOGRAPHIC: Pad drilling – innovation in the oil and gas industry

This infographic details one of the most significant innovations in the oil and gas industry in recent times, pad drilling.

INFOGRAPHIC: 2014 Forbes billionaire facts and figures

Check out today's infographic on the new Visual Capitalist website.

INFOGRAPHIC: Mining builds British Columbia: green energy and buildings

Everything used by British Columbians in their everyday lives is either grown or found in the ground.

INFOGRAPHICS: Mining builds British Columbia

Everything used by people in their everyday lives is either grown or found in the ground.

INFOGRAPHIC: Gold – The eclipsing demand of the east

This infographic, part three in our 2014 Gold Series, covers the rise of Asian demand for the yellow metal.

INFOGRAPHIC: Unearthing the world's gold supply

Gold's rarity means that finding economic deposits is extremely difficult. To understand how gold mining and supply work, we must first unearth how gold deposits form.

INFOGRAPHIC: Gold, The Most Sought After Metal on Earth

Visual Capitalist has launched the first entry in their new '2014 Gold Series' which details every aspect of the famous yellow metal.

Which gold miners hold the most supply?

And which majors and mid-tiers are most likely to look to replenish their reserves?

2014 junior mining forecasts with top analyst picks

In this environment, investors should stay cautious and the focus should remain on companies with strong balance sheets, top tier management teams, and projects in safe jurisdictions.

INFOGRAPHIC: Gold – The ultimate store of value

While the rate of gold has been rising and falling, this is a rare metal and there is limited supply of it.

INFOGRAPHIC: The definitive history of Bitcoin

All about the crypto-currency.

INFOGRAPHIC: Global gold mine and deposit rankings 2013

All those 1 million oz and above deposits.