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At Visual Capitalist we believe that exceptional visual content has the power to transform how investors gain insight and share information. Because of this, we use both data visualization and infographics to showcase our original research on commodities and equities. This allows investors to get information fast, instinctively, and clearly.

Junior miners: Doom, gloom or boom?

Since the end of the “flash crash” that hit markets on August 24, when the Dow dropped 1,100 points in the first five minutes of trading, miners have been up.

INFOGRAPHIC: The story of Voisey's Bay – the auction

Part 2 covers the high-profile bidding war that ensued between rival companies such as Teck, Inco, and Falconbridge to buy Voisey's Bay.

INFOGRAPHIC: The story of Voisey's Bay

The legendary story of one of Canada’s most significant base metal discoveries happened just before the dawn of the internet era.

INFOGRAPHIC: Europe's electricity consumption by country and fuel type

The major story here is the decline in consumption of fossil fuels.

INFOGRAPHIC: Chart of the week: "Gold off to races?"

This week, gold made a significant technical breakthrough as it passed through its 200-day moving average to make three-month highs. These types of events can be a bullish sign for traders.

China vs. United States: A tale of two economies

Today's infographic contrasts everything about the two economies. While they are both comparable in size, they are both very different...

Number crunching: The impact of China's currency devaluation

Today's infographic looks at the impact this had on global currencies using three different timeframes: 1 day, 1 week, and 1 month.

The rush for jade in British Columbia

This week, we show the geological conditions for how jade forms, the booming market in BC, and also how jade goes from boulder to the market.

12 stunning visualizations of gold show its rarity

This series of 12 incredible visualizations in 3D show the world's gold in bullion bars - putting everything in perspective.

INFOGRAPHIC: Most Assets Hurting, but one stock market has bucked the trend

Deutsche Bank recently provided a graphical snapshot that covers the returns of a wide span of assets both YTD and since the mid-August meltdown.

INFOGRAPHIC: 33 fascinating facts on U.S. currency

Did you know that the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing makes $696 million of new currency each day?

INFOGRAPHIC – The Petrostate Hex: How plunging oil prices affect currencies

In today's infographic, we look at how crashing oil prices over the last year have affected currencies of nations that are heavily reliant on exporting oil.

INFOGRAPHIC: It's time to pile back into gold stocks

Today we share with you five charts that summarize why gold stocks have never been cheaper.

INFOGRAPHIC: The evolution of America's energy supply (1776 – 2014)

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) recently released data on the history of America’s energy supply, sorted by the share of each energy source.

INFOGRAPHIC – On the precipice: Will global markets follow commodities off the cliff?

Today may be the end of this trend of divergence. US equities are at a precipice: fueled by low rates and quantitative easing for years, they have finally started to tumble from record highs.

INFOGRAPHIC: Mapping every power plant in the United States

Today's series of maps show the size and type of every power plant in the United States.

INFOGRAPHIC: The silver series – the case for silver

The real question for investors boils down to this: is it worth it to hold silver bullion or equities in a portfolio?

INFOGRAPHIC: $60 trillion of world debt in one visualization

Today's graphic shows total global public debt and the debt-to-GDP of all countries.

INFOGRAPHIC – Timeline: The future of money

Exploring the relationship between technology and money, this timeline visualization shows how we got to where we are today.

INFOGRAPHIC: The origin of the Greek crisis

Today's giant infographic does an excellent job summing up the crisis from beginning to end - it's the only infographic you need to understand it all.

INFOGRAPHIC: The relative value of $100 in every American state and county

Here we look at which states and counties get the best "bang for the buck", and which are the most expensive

INFOGRAPHIC: The world economy in one visualization

Today’s data visualization is the most simple breakdown of the world economy that we’ve seen.

INFOGRAPHIC: The returns of every asset class over the last decade

How do investments in bonds, equities, real estate, gold, and commodities compare over time?

INFOGRAPHIC: Data shows investing is heavily biased by Geography

For investors, there’s no place like home. Data shows that investors are heavily sector-biased based on where they live.

Silver to hitch ride on solar growth: infographic

For every gigawatt of solar power, approximately 2.8 million ounces of silver are needed.