Warren Bevan - Precious Metal Stock Review

Metals plumb new lows while stocks rock

Markets will do what they want on their own schedules so learning to go with the flow is very important.

Charts say metals still have further to fall

I really don’t care if gold rises or falls, I just read the charts while some people get so emotionally attached.

Downtrend remains in control

I am always optimistic in my views and look for the best outcome but I am not blinded by it.

A quiet steady week that sets us up for strong action now

We didn’t see a lot of large moves.

A golden fall

Gold is in serious trouble and not something I’ll be looking to trade for some time, perhaps even many years as its bull market may be done now.

Karate Kid markets

Chopped around.

Critical support holds

It remains a dangerous market with not much to do.

The safety of gold

A bad week for markets as Thursday and Friday saw heavy heavy selling and we have now broken a very bearish pattern.

Metals show strong action, miners too

To each their own but the miners burned me years ago and I have no interest in them most times.

Gold, silver ready for upside

The US markets are mixed for the moment but do have the look to be ready to roll over further Monday.

Metals weak while market marches on

In time we will see a great buy emerge but having patience and waiting for the right buy point is key.

The charts don't lie

Markets really only move well two or three times a year and you can make a mint during those times.

Market correcting, metals in limbo

For now, gold is once again something to avoid. It seems like all the precious metals charts are now in limbo as we wait for a buy or sell signal.

Weakest week of the year

The game is rigged, there is no doubt.

At least platinum looks good

It’s certainly a challenging time still for gold and silver but the long-term reasons for holding physical gold remain in place.

Much ado about nothing

Still hold a hefty portion of your wealth in physical gold and silver


What a whippy week it was. Volatility spiked and then subsided into the end of the week which meant it was a great day-trading environment but then that petered off as ranges tightened for markets and stocks into the end of the week.

Bear Flag Failure

The week was a wild one with lots of choppy action in the indices as was to be expected as bases build here nicely.

Shameless riggings

It was another week of watching and sitting for the swing trading portfolio. We still haven’t put on a swing trade lately but we’ve been watching our dividend stocks and mining portfolio and I’m thinking about adding a few new miners to our stable in the next few weeks.

Silver slam-epic fail

It’s the thick of summer now and I’m trying to take it pretty easy this weekend and perhaps another weekend or two while the warm weather is here. The good news about that is that there is so much focus on the debt ceiling debates that you’d hardly know anything else is going on anyhow.

Worldwide bailout coming: Protect your wealth with precious metals

The big talk these days is of the debt ceiling in the US having to be raised. The US is lucky they can do this unlike other countries such as Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland and others who need to be bailed out or pass huge austerity measures.

S&P put in tentative bottom

It was another wild week with no real direction in markets and precious metals are breaking down.

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

The sweet Clash song “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” seems to be the song most suited for the Greek situation right now. France and Germany are bailing them out and Greece is trying to pass large budget cuts to the disdain of their citizens.

Bottoms in!

It was another week of mixed markets where we did see some bottoms in stocks and US markets seem to have turned up thus far. Their not yet trending higher, but they look about to. The uncertainty of the end of QE2 coming in a little over a month is still weighing heavy as well as more issues over in Europe. It’s all par for the course though as the charts tell all, and usually in advance.

Silver: Buy weakness and enjoy the strength

It was a week like we haven’t seen since the beginning of the crash in early 2008, but this time it was mostly in the commodity sector. Many stocks did get hit hard, as well as the major indices, but the real damage came in commodities, especially silver.