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Owner of Oregon mining claim asks armed supporters to back down in dispute with federal agency

A man who owns a gold-mining claim on federal land in southwestern Oregon asked for help defending it after U.S. authorities ordered him to stop work, but he is now telling his armed supporters to back off.

Nunavut says there is huge gold mine in its backyard

Mining has eclipsed government as the No. 1 contributor to Nunavut's GDP, a government official told me recently.

Canada's Lalor gold, zinc, copper mine stealing thunder

There's no doubt the big story in mining in Manitoba these days is HudBay's Lalor project near Snow Lake. Weighing in at about $700 million, the zinc/copper/gold mine is shaking up the economic landscape in the region.

Harper defends oilsands 'misinformation,' calls need for them 'overwhelming'

2:47 PM | Comments: 0 (including replies) TORONTO - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the need for Canadian oilsands is "overwhelming." Speaking in Toronto today, Harper defended the oilsands as a job creator and a wealth generator for the C...

$2-B carbon-capture plan for oilsands

Millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases coming from Alberta's oilsands will be pumped underground in a new $1.4-billion deal signed Friday by the province, Ottawa and Shell Canada Energy.