Wood Mackenzie

Lithium and cobalt – what to look for in 2019

While lithium spot prices moved only one way in 2018, cobalt experienced more of a rollercoaster ride.

Copper – five things to look for in 2019

Copper price volatility is likely to be skewed to the upside.

Mining companies turn to digitalization to improve efficiency — WoodMac

We expect more companies to unveil energy transition blueprints in 2019.

China’s latest mine collapse could cut coal capacity by 100mtpa

Coal prices in Shenmu and Fugu have increased by RMB10-50/t since the accident.

EV battery recycling – can it plug the gap?

Uncertainty around future battery technologies and chemistries mean that 'future-proof' recycling technologies need to be developed.

Indonesia's push for electrification and its impact on domestic coal – report

Due to better coal economics and relatively unsupportive renewable energy policies, we expect coal to still dominate the fuel mix at more than 60% from now until 2027.

India’s renewables sector forecast to double in the next five years

In the near term, coal remains to be the hot topic in India.

Dorado: Australia's biggest oil discovery this century

The Dorado-1 well was expected to find 545 bcf of gas but resulted in something much more valuable, a large commercial oil find.

25% tariff could price-out 18 million tonnes of steel imports from US market

With utilisation rates rising so high, the US domestic steel prices are likely to increase by at least the 25% - as per the new tariff.

Batteries and renewables to start displacing gas in South Australia by 2025

Battery costs to fall 50% - beginning to compete with gas.

Global oil and gas exploration likely to return to profitability in 2017

Dr Andrew Latham, vice president of exploration at Wood Mackenzie said: "The industry has a good chance of achieving double digit returns in 2017. Smarter portfolio choices and lower costs are already paying off."

Electric vehicles have the potential to be a significant disruptive force for commodities markets

Tesla Model 3 promises to move electric cars from niche to mainstream, spurring larger electric car adoption in transport, according to Wood Mackenzie’s latest research.

Global upstream investment slashed by US$1 trillion since the oil price drop

Wood Mackenzie expects to see further cuts throughout the year and investment levels continue to shrink as more projects are dropped and companies struggle to breakeven.

Wood Mackenzie Launches New E-commerce Service

More than 10,000 research reports across energy, chemicals, metals, and mining now available to purchase on-demand

Wood Mackenzie: Nearly 17% of US coal production uneconomic at current market pricing

Close to 17% of forecast 2015 US coal production is at risk of idling or closure, totalling 162 million short tons (Mst), as these mine's total cash costs plus sustaining capital expenditures exceed current market pricing, according to Wood Mackenzie's latest coal market outlook.

Wood Mackenzie says Indonesia export ban points to questions over China’s long-term bauxite supply

In light of the Indonesian mineral ore ban that came into force on January 12th 2014, Wood Mackenzie says the aluminium industry - particularly in China - faces a challenge to address a growing shortage of the raw material bauxite, an aluminium ore.