World Coal Association

Russia’s leading coal producer SUEK joins World Coal Association

SUEK is one of the world’s largest coal companies that produces higher-quality enriched coal.

Coal miners welcome report that calls for imperative 2˚C climate target

The report considers how the use of coal contributes to affordable energy prices, and allows broader access to electricity and improved industrial competitiveness of economies in various regions.

Colombia joins the World Coal Association

The Colombian Mining Association (CMA) has joined the World Coal Association (WCA), the global network for the coal industry, as its newest Associate Member.

World Coal Association calls for Climate Week to recognize role of all low emission technologies

The World Coal Association (WCA) has called on participants at Climate Week to recognise the role of all low emission technologies in reducing global CO2 emissions.

World Coal Association calls for governments worldwide to support all low emission technologies equally

The World Coal Association (WCA) has today called for governments worldwide to show a genuine commitment to widening the deployment of all low emission technologies, in order to meet global energy needs and make significant cuts in CO2 emissions.

World Coal Association calls on World Bank to recognise the critical role of coal in meeting global energy needs

The World Coal Association (WCA) has today called on the World Bank to recognise the vital role of coal in bringing affordable, reliable electricity to hundreds of millions of people in developing and emerging economies.

Latest climate pledges demonstrate need for cleaner coal technology

Many more countries will be making their pledges in the coming months.

World Coal Association welcomes China's continued commitment to low emissions coal technology

The World Coal Association has welcomed today’s announcement by China of its Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) in preparation for the COP21 climate negotiations in Paris later this year.

IEA climate report highlights need for investment in cleaner coal technologies

The IEA report highlights how crucial cleaner coal technologies will be if global climate ambitions are to be met.

New leadership at the World Coal Association

The World Coal Association (WCA), the leading global coal industry body, has announced the appointment of Benjamin Sporton as its new Chief Executive and Mick Buffier as Chairman.

Cleaner coal technologies vital to reducing CO2 emissions

The World Coal Association's chairman and Glencore executive, Mick Buffier, has called governments to increase investment in low emission technologies.

World Coal Association calls for greater investment in cleaner coal technologies

Technologies such as high efficiency, low emissions (HELE) coal plants and carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS), can make a significant contribution to reducing global CO2 emissions as part of the energy mix.

Saskatchewan leads the way on coal with CCS

The province’s leading electricity supplier SaskPower is preparing to commission a new 110MW coal fired boiler with full CCS.

Coal is the fastest growing fossil fuel again

In 2012 its consumption grew by 2.5% in comparison to 2.2% for natural gas.

Coal: Good for Australia; good for the world

Our industry has to remind everyone about the value of coal for socio-economic development, especially when irresponsible and ignorant calls are being made to phase out coal or stop its export.

In Rio, we need to be ambitious, and realistic, about energy access

The key issue at the negotiations from the WCA’s perspective is access to energy. It is one of the issues that really demonstrates what some see as being achievable in the divide between environmental and development challenges.

Coal used in a 3MW wind turbine

Using publicly available figures from Vestas, a large manufacturer of wind turbines, WCA has calculated the amount of coal used in the production of offshore and onshore wind turbines as demonstrated by our new infographic below:

Debate on energy access takes off in the corridors of COP17

As we approach the last hours of this year’s climate change negotiations, informal bilateral and multilateral meetings multiply until early morning hours.

Sustainable energy for all needs to include coal

Last week the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon, announced the formation of a High Level Group on Sustainable Energy for All. The group is to be led by UNIDO Secretary-General Kandeh Yumkella and Bank of America Chairman Charles Holliday.

Busy start to 2011

Despite the latest round of UN climate change negotiations concluding in Cancun at the end of 2010 and a temporary hiatus in climate talks until Bangkok in April, it has still been a busy start to the year on energy and environment issues, with a number of important meetings and consultations taking place. Read WCA Chief Executive Milton Catelin's blog.