Bankrupt Alpha Natural Resources lays off over 230 coal miners

Bankrupt coal producer Alpha Natural Resources is laying another 230 miners in West Virginia for the third time in a month as a result of a severe downturn in the coal industry.

The planned dismissals, reports AP, will take place at four mines and one processing plant operated by Brooks Run Mining in Braxton and Webster counties, West Virginia.

Only last week, Alpha announced the immediately layoff of 93 miners at Kingston Mining Inc. in Fayette County. In January, the miner sent 60-day layoff notices for 831 miners and dozens more support staff at eight underground mines and two processing plants in Boone and Raleigh Counties.

Alpha says all these job cuts are the result of a combination of oversupply of coal and dramatically reduced demand, which has driven down prices to “unsustainable levels,” particularly for central Appalachian coal.

The company filed for bankruptcy protection in August last year.