Biker gangs infiltrate Australian mines to run prostitution rings

The Times of London profiles biker gang members who are taking hard to fill jobs at Australian mines, rising up through ranks to management and then running Asian prostitution rings.

Prostitution is mostly legal in Australia.

Bikers are finding women who will work longer and work for lower wages, usually through coercion, which undercuts legal sex workers.

Bikie gangs, as they are known here, run much of the organized crime in Australia and the mines have proved fertile ground, according to Paul Biggin, district inspector of Mount Isa police.

"It’s hard to get people with certain skills, like diesel mechanics, in the mines," Inspector Biggin says. "Bikies take these jobs then work their way into management, and that makes it easy to run their business. They coerce young, vulnerable Asian girls into sex work and they take them from mine to mine, putting them to work for a week at a time in rooms on the perimeter of the camps."

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