How Boart Longyear addresses worker safety

At the 2017 Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada Convention, Boart Longyear’s Global EHS and Training Manager, Brian Maeck, offered a talk on best practices when it comes to health and safety in mineral exploration.

Interviewed by’s Michael McCrae following the conference, Maeck explained that in order for companies to comply with the latest standards everyone from the CEO to the operators must share pertinent information and be involved in initiatives that promote safety practices in the workplace.

“Safety leaders assist in incident management and in injury management, but more importantly they use their expertise to develop comprehensive strategies, plans and programs related to workers’ safety,” Maeck said.

Maeck also said that such fixation in hazard awareness has allowed the company to decrease severity and lost-time rates.

“We’ve really focused on the ‘make it personal’ side of our business, relating to our employees and ensuring that the message is clear that their personal safety is not only the company’s responsibility but their own as well, and that they have families to go to at the end of the day.”