Boart Longyear presents hands-free rod handling drill

Salt Lake City-based Boart Longyear was among the equipment suppliers showing off massive machinery at MINExpo International 2016.

The company's booth attracted a lot of attention thanks to its LF 160 drill rig, which allows totally hands-free rod handling.

The drill has 1,800 meters of NQ capability, explained Zachary Strauss, Product Manager of Capital Drilling Equipment for Boart Longyear.

Full interview transcribed for clarity:

Zachary Strauss: Boart Longyear is a mineral exploration, contracting, and products provider.

MINING.COM: Can you tell me about the LF 160?

Zachary Strauss: The LF 160 that we are launching here at MINExpo show is our brand new product, it’s got a lot of neat new features, mostly around hands-free rod handle. So, what we were able to achieve with this drill is for rod-tripping and rod-handling 100% hands-free.

The driller and drilling stopper are operating the controls whether remote or through the operating control panel on the drill.

MINING.COM: Why is rod free-handling important?

Zachary Strauss: Rod free-handling is important for very select clients that demand a high level of safety, and they are looking to remove the drillers from the hazards.

Rod-handling is the number one cause of injuries and other injuries in drill sites.

Boart Longyear presents hands-free rod handling drill

MINING.COM: What has been your experience like using this unit?

Zachary Strauss: We’ve had this unit in operation for the last year, within our own drilling services group, and they’ve really enjoyed drilling with the machine. It’s a top drive head, which is a little bit different than your traditional truck drive, the productivity has been great, and the up time and everything else has been wonderful.

MINING.COM: What has been the reception for the unit at MINExpo?

Zachary Strauss: The reception for the unit has been great. In fact, many customers coming through, interested to see what it does and what it can do for them.