Body found at Montreal quarry

Rescuers recovered a male body at 12:20 p.m. ET today, one of the two missing workers who were buried in a quarry avalanche north of Montreal on Tuesday.

The second worker, believed to be a female, has not been found. Rescuers don't expect to find any survivors.

Rescuers have been carrying on the search carefully due to concerns over slope stability. The search was halted on Friday to confirm the area was safe to look.

The gravel pit, operated by Maskimo Construction and Excavations G. Allard, is located in L'Épiphanie, Que.

One of the survivors, Benoît Robert, who avoided Tuesday's avalanche told CBC that his employers are caring and would have not have purposely endangered the lives of the employees.

Here is raw video of day five of the search from CBC News.

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