Boston shipwreck contains $3 billion of platinum

Treasure hunters are working to recover cargo on a World War II merchant ship, which was sunk by German u-boats just off Boston, that was carrying 71.4 tons of platinum, estimated to be worth $2.5 to $3 billion.

Sub Sea Research LLC, which made the initial discovery in 2008, posted a video outlining their progress.

"On June 1942, a vessel called Port Nicholson loaded 71.4 tons of platinum en route from Halifax to Boston. She was intercepted by a U-87 and sunk with all of her platinum onboard. It was kind of forgotten through history until the '90s that [the platinum] was even on board when these documents  were declassified," states the narrator.

The company is proceeding cautiously, and is investigating debris on the outside of the ship to be sure that they have the right cargo.

Finding a platinum bar would definitively prove the contents of the ship  ". . . before we risk going into the hull of the ship and risking equipment that is worth 1/2 million dollars."

Hat tip, Business Insider