Bucyrus extending life of face conveyor components

International MiningOne way of solving the problem of continual replacement of both chains and chain sprockets in face conveyors is to increase the contact surface, thus reducing surface pressure and wear. Bucyrus, a leader in high productivity mining equipment, has done exactly this with its new Power Chain. Using modern chain production methods, the design almost halves surface pressure at contact points. These production methods involve hot-forming of chain links, combining the use of round-steel and forged elements, or rolled profiles and forged elements. The Power Chain is currently available in three sizes namely 34 x 110 mm, 42 x 140 mm and 52 x 175 mm. The latter is designed to be used with up to 3 x 1,200 kW. Another Power Chain is under development which will be suitable for up to 3 x 1,800 kW. It completed testing in November 2007. (more…)

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