Canada's Leader of the Opposition targets oil sands again

Canada's Leader of the Opposition, Thomas Mulcair, again attacked  the oil sands industry by saying that, because of the way it raises the value of the Canadian dollar, other parts of the country are paying a price for the prosperity enjoyed by natural resource sectors, such as the oil sands in Alberta.

Mulcair’s comments, made Saturday on the CBC Radio show The House, reinforce declarations Mulcair made in April, when he accused oil sands of devastating manufacturing jobs in Ontario.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) leader also called authorities to internalize the “environmental costs” of oil sands and other natural resources development, by “making the polluter pay.”

He added he’s not against oil sands growth, as far as it is sustainable.

The latest polls show the NDP is in a statistical tie nationally with the Conservatives. The Liberals have dropped to under 20%.

Mulcair won the NDP leadership contest in late March.

Image from Asclepias