Canadian company successful produces test samples of graphene

Canadian company Northern Graphite Corporation says it has successfully produced graphene from  its Bissett Creek project in Northern Ontario. recently reported on the multiple uses of graphene, which is made from graphite, including futuristic applications such as the ability to create invisible jet fighters like the Klingon warships in Star Trek.

According to Northern Graphite, the graphene was made using large flake graphite from the Bissett Creek mine. The graphene is said to be superior to Chinese powder and large flake graphite, in terms of size, higher electrical conductivity lower resistance and greater transparency.

About 70% of the graphite produced from Bissett Creek will be large flake, which is expected to attract premium pricing as a source material for graphene.

According to Northern Graphite:

Graphene was first isolated by scientists at theUniversityof Manchester who won the Noble Prize for Physics in 2010 for their efforts. Graphene is transparent in infra-red and visible light, flexible, and stronger than steel. It conducts heat 10 times faster than copper and can carry 1,000 times the density of electrical current of copper wire. Graphene is expected to be a revolutionary material that could change the technology of semi conductors and LCD touch screens and monitors, create super small transistors and super dense data storage, increase energy storage and solar cell efficiency, and will transform many other applications.

Click here for a Youtube video on future applications of graphene