Canadian diamond miner says it has found 'one of the world's largest kimberlites'

Pangolin Diamonds says it has uncovered 'one of the world's largest' kimberlites

Pangolin Diamonds (TSX.V: PAN) – a Botswana-focused Canadian miner – said on Wednesday that it had uncovered "one of the world's largest kimberlites."

The venture company is referring to its 100%-owned, 270-hectare Tsabong North Project.

In a press release the firm mentions some of the world's largest kimberlites, the greatest of which is in Angola and measures 220 hectares.

According to an independent review by Billy Steenkamp of Xcalibur Airborne Geophysics of Pretoria, South Africa, the two previously reported kimberlites are now known to be "part of a single intrusive complex with a total surface area estimated at 270 hectares."

Further drilling work will begin shortly in order to determine the final size of the Magi-Kimberlite.

"Core samples from all the holes are being submitted to independent laboratories to recover any additional indicator minerals, and any diamonds," Pangolin writes.

It is not yet clear whether the drilling will return diamond results of any economic significance.

Botswana is the world's biggest diamond producer by value, supplying 21% of global rough diamonds.