Carlson Wireless and Tarana Wireless Partner to Introduce a Ground Breaking Steerable Antenna at APCO 2009 in Las Vegas

Arcata, CA – August 17, 2009 – Carlson Wireless Technologies, Inc. and Tarana Wireless have partnered to develop a ground-breaking steerable antenna and radio system that will be introduced at APCO 2009 Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, August 16-19. The TRC-4, initially designed for 4.9 GHz public safety applications is a point to point self-steering high-gain microwave antenna and radio system.

The TRC-4 is a point to point antenna technology that electronically steers a focus beam to maintain a strong wireless broadband link with a 360º horizontal and 30º vertical range. This proprietary steering capability requires only microseconds to adjust to changes in position, allowing for robust links for fixed, nomadic or mobile applications including marine and terrestrial vehicles. Additionally, TRC-4 blocks and deflects RF interference, further enhancing performance in crowded environments.

The TRC-4 system's plug and play adaptability doesn't require difficult configuration or realignments allowing for rapid deployment and minimal maintenance. The antenna and radio are both fully contained in a weather proof enclosure without moving parts or external hardware further reducing the need for costly maintenance. The TRC line is available in a range of broadband frequencies including 5.x, and 4.9 GHz.

"Installation and realignment of microwave antenna hardware can be time consuming and cumbersome or located in remote and hard to get to places," said Jim Carlson, CEO of Carlson Wireless. "TRC-4 can be in set up in minutes and maintains robust throughput in adverse and once impossible conditions. This system significantly expands the flexibility and reliability for permanent, temporary, fixed and/or mobile mission critical communication systems."

"The TRC-4 is a cost effective and safety enhancing solution for a variety of public safety deployments," said Rabin Patra, CTO of Tarana Wireless. "We're very excited to bring this exciting product to APCO with Carlson Wireless"