Caterpillar® 24M Motor Grader Combines Innovative Design and Heavy-Duty Construction to Yield Production Efficiency

The Caterpillar® 24M motor grader is designed to meet the specialized requirements of large mining operations, particularly those maintaining haul roads for trucks with capacities of 190 tons (172 metric tons) or more. The largest model in the M-Series, the 24M has an operating weight of 137,692 pounds (62 456 kg) and uses a blade 24 feet (7315 mm) wide. The 24M's 18.1-liter Cat® C18 ACERTTM engine develops 533 net horsepower (397 kW) and generates 1,762 pounds-feet (2389 N-m) maximum torque.

For all of its size and power, the 24M is designed to be remarkably controllable, featuring a pair of multi-axis joysticks that replace the steering wheel and nine control levers used in the 24H, the previous model. The joystick control system can reduce hand and arm movement by nearly 80 percent, promoting higher productivity from less-fatigued operators. And the system is intuitive and easier to learn compared to the traditional system. The electro-hydraulic load-sensing system provides the foundation for the advanced machine controls, enabling superior controllability and precise and predictable hydraulic movements-with solid reliability.

Engineered for severe-duty applications, the 24M features heavy-duty construction of major structures, including mainframes, articulation hitch, drawbar, circle and moldboard. The durable drive train uses an electronically controlled, 6F/3R planetary powershift transmission, lock-up torque converter, modular rear axle and multi-disc hydraulic brakes at each tandem wheel.

To enhance safety, the 24M is equipped with an operator-presence system, which automatically sets the parking brake and neutralizes hydraulic functions if the operator leaves the cab without setting the brake. Also, with the push of a single button on the left joystick, the operator can activate the return-to-center feature, which automatically aligns the frames when the machine is articulated. The optional Caterpillar Work Area Vision System provides added visibility via a rearview camera and a color monitor in the cab.

The 24M also is designed to keep the machine working. Daily service points are grouped to speed work, and the fast fuel option allows refueling in less than two minutes.

Accommodating Operator Station

The joystick control levers are the most distinctive aspect of the 24M operator station. Caterpillar designed the new control system to simplify machine operation in a manner that operators of all skill levels would find intuitive. Right-joystick movement controls moldboard slide, the moldboard's right lift cylinder and circle positioning. Left-joystick movement steers the machine (steering angle is proportional to lever movement), activates the moldboard's left lift cylinder and articulates the frames. In addition, thumb and trigger switches on the joysticks control functions such as wheel lean, directional shifts, gear selection, moldboard pitch, drawbar center shift and engine speed.

The 24M operator station is engineered to provide ample dimensions, and the raised-cab design combines with a one-piece front window to provide a commanding forward view. Large side windows give a clear view of the moldboard heel and rear wheels, and glare-reducing paint on the rear enclosure, front frame and lift arms reduces light reflection.

An in-dash instrument cluster allows quick monitoring of critical functions, and the Cat Messenger system provides real-time data about machine performance and diagnostics, with multi-language capability. A modular heating/ventilating/air-conditioning system is standard, and isolation mounting of the cab, engine and transmission reduces sound and vibration.

Robust Structures and Power Train

A one-piece, forged-steel circle uses hardened teeth across its front arc (240 degrees) to control wear. The A-frame drawbar incorporates a durable, box-section design, and the massive moldboard-42 inches (1076 mm) tall and 2 inches (50 mm) thick-uses heat-treated rails and hardened cutting edges. Easily replaced wear inserts are positioned between the drawbar and circle, between the support shoes and circle and in the moldboard mounting.

The six-cylinder C18 engine, Tier-3/Stage-IIIa-compliant, is designed with premium Caterpillar features, including high-load-carrying bearings, induction-hardened cylinder liners and forged-steel/super-finished crankshaft. The hydraulic-electronic-unit-injection (HEUI) fuel system uses multiple-injection technology to shape each combustion cycle for maximum economy and efficient emissions control. An optional compression brake allows increased downhill speed with less service-brake wear.

The planetary-type powershift transmission features large-diameter, oil-cooled clutch packs, and range and directional shifts are electronically modulated via the Caterpillar Electronic Clutch Pressure Control system. Transmission shift points are programmable to improve application-specific efficiency, and an over-speed-protection system prevents downshifts when travel speed is too high. The automatic differential lock disengages during turns (depending on steering and articulation angle), and then reengages when the machine is through the turn.

Smart Hydraulics and Electronics

Equipped with a Caterpillar-designed, load-sensing, implement-hydraulic system, the 24M continuously matches hydraulic flow and pressure to operating conditions in order to minimize both fuel consumption and heat. Proportional Priority Pressure Compensating electro-hydraulic valves provide different flow rates for the head- and rod-end of cylinders, assuring consistent hydraulic speeds.

A float feature built into the blade-control valves allows the blade to follow ground contours, and an optional variable-float system allows the operator to select the amount of down-force the blade exerts in the float mode.

The 24M uses a separate reservoir for the implement hydraulic fluid, thus more effectively controlling component-damaging heat and reducing the possibility of cross-contamination. The implement system also provides balanced performance by reducing all cylinder velocities by the same ratio if hydraulic demand exceeds system capacity.

The on-board Cat Data Link system integrates all essential operating systems to refine performance and to reduce the prospect of machine damage. The Cat Electronic Technician system allows accessing stored data for diagnostic work and allows configuring the machine operating parameters. The optional Product Link system reports machine data for access from remote locations. Machine parameters include operating hours, location, fault codes and alarms.

Enhanced Safety and Service

Among the standard 24M safety features are a secondary-steering system (powered via a ground-driven pump), speed-sensitive steering, which becomes less sensitive at higher speeds, and a hydraulic lock-out system that retains the steering function when activated. The braking system uses accumulators, allowing emergency brake application, and slip clutches in the circle drive isolate working components from shock loads-as do the optional accumulators in the blade-lift circuits.

An optional window-cleaning platform and standard steel walkways allow safer access to service points, and a ground-level engine-shutoff switch can be used in emergencies. Daily maintenance points for the 24M are grouped in the left-side service center for easy access, and service intervals are extended, including 500 hours for engine oil and 4,000 hours for hydraulic fluid. Convenient ecology drains are easy to access, thus shortening service time and helping prevent spills. An automatic lubrication system is standard.

For more information about the 24M motor grader, customers should contact their Caterpillar dealer or visit the Caterpillar web site at

24M Motor Grader Basic Specifications



Net power

533 hp (397 kW)

Operating weight

137,692 lb (62 456 kg)

Moldboard length

24 ft 0 in. (7.3 m)

Moldboard height

42 in. (1.07 m)

Implement hydraulic press.

3,500 psi (24 150 kPa)


33.7 ft (10.3 m)

Length (std.)

46.6 ft (14.2 m)


14.0 ft (14.3 m)

Turning radius**

40 ft 9 in. (12.4 m)

Gear ranges (F/R)


Top speed

26.7/25.6 mph (43.0/41.2 km/h)

*To top of tires.

**Outside of front tires.

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