Caterpillar® 785D Mining Truck Delivers Greater Performance and Reliability, Reduced Emissions and Enhanced Safety

The new CaterpillarÒ 785D Mining Truck incorporates new features to boost performance and reliability, reduce engine emissions and enhance safety. The improvements also focus on component commonality to keep parts stocking and maintenance simple. The 785D builds on more than 20 years of proven performance for the 785 model.

The 785D target payload ranges from 142 to 155 tons (129 to 141 metric tons) depending on the specific configuration. The range enables new trucks to integrate well with fleets of earlier 785s.

Using the latest technology, the CatÒ 3512C HD engine maintains fuel efficiency, delivers 1,348 net horsepower (1005 kW) and is compliant with US EPA Tier II emissions standards. The engine is capable at altitudes up to 14,000 feet (4267 meters) with no derate. With the change to a high displacement engine, engine life is extended.

Caterpillar also introduces the X body with the 785D. The X body provides mine specific options (e.g. liners, rail caps, sideboards, etc) for new sites and contractors. The new body also provides greater volume-111 cubic yards (85 cubic meters) versus 102 cubic yards (78 cubic meters) for the dual slope body. Additional body choices are Mine Specific Body (MSD II), gateless coal body, and dual slope. The canopy of each of the bodies extends farther over the cab for greater protection. Additionally, the 785D has improved catwalks and a factory installed 600-millimeter diagonal stairway.

A number of changes extend reliability and durability. The following are examples:

  • A new pump drive system provides continuous rear axle filtration. Benefits include cleaner oil, less downtime and improved component life.
  • Extended life disc brakes may achieve up to double the wear life of standard brakes and are resistant to glazing. The result is consistent braking power and reduced maintenance.
  • New air intake and filters have a new seal, which provides easier servicing and lower maintenance costs.
  • The Cat mechanical drive power train and power shift transmission provide superior operating efficiency and control on steep grades, in poor underfoot conditions and on haul roads with high rolling resistance.

The 785D retains the Caterpillar mechanical power train that has enabled 785 models to achieve high productivity and reliability in challenging mining conditions around the world. 

For more information about Caterpillar mining trucks, customers should contact their local Cat dealer or visit the website at

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