VIDEO: Cat's rugged phone used in a rugged stunt

Cat's B15 Android-powered smartphone—capable of enduring shock, water and dust—was put through the paces in a demonstration demo.

To show off just how durable the phone is, the device gets dunked in water, dropped in dust, walked on and run over by a Cat 277D Multi Terrain Loader.

The smartphone, released one year ago, boasts 16 hours of talk time, a screen operable when wet and an ability to survive at 1.8 metre fall. The operating temperature is -20C(-4°F) to 55C (131°F). It has a big rubber bumper. The target audience is outdoor adventurers and industrial/construction workers.

It's a basic device.

Android Police liked the ruggedness but yawned at the internals. The device has only a 4" screen with a low 800×400 resolution and just 512MB RAM and 4GB of storage.

"In terms of comparable devices, it's basically a Nexus One in a bomb-proof box."

The B15 runs Android 4.1 Jellybean. Amazon has an unlocked version available for $335.

Cat has been using viral video lately. The company pitted excavators, telehandlers and other machines in a giant Jenga-like game of blocks. The company also introduced work place efficiency where workers used iPads like giant fridge magnets to speed up production.