China to publicly shame biggest polluters

Linfen, China | Image from Google images

China is playing the shame card with polluters. The country says it will showcase its top-ten polluting cities by publicly naming them each month.

According to a report by CNN, the People's Republic reported its worst air quality levels ever last year. Also, a study by the Asian Development Bank shows that seven of the world's top ten most polluted cities belong to China.

Through public humiliation, the country hopes to provoke some environmental action.

Recently the country has been getting more tough on polluters, announcing last week that it would ban new coal-fired power plants in three areas around Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

The country also announced reduction quotas on coal consumption this week (subscription required).

Speaking on the severity of Chinese air pollution, Volskwagen China cheif Jochem Heizmann told a German television program that the smog-filled air was sometimes dirtier than his company's cars' emissions.

According to a list compiled by Time magazine, the most polluted place in the world is Linfen, China. Its three million inhabitants are exposed to coal and particulates from surrounding mines and coal-burning industries.