China, US plan to phase down 'super greenhouse gases'

Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping have agreed to work together to "phase down the production and consumption" of  hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) known as "super greenhouse gases."

The agreement, between the world's two top greenhouse gas emitters, came during the first summit attended by Obama and the recently chosen Chinese leader Xi.

The White House claimed that successful phasedown of HFCs "could reduce carbon emissions by 90 gigatons by 2050—equivalent to around two full years worth of the world's greenhouse gas emissions."

Air conditioners and refrigerators are two major HFC culprits.

Despite earlier resistance to the idea, China has agreed that HFCs will remain "within the scope of the Kyoto Protocol and the related UN Framework Convention on Climate Change for accounting and reporting of emissions."


Sources: AFP; Natural Resources Defense Council