Civil strike against mining project shuts down Cajamarca —again

A protest against Newmont Mining's proposed Conga copper-gold mine shut down much of Peru's Cajamarca region last Wednesday, reported World War 4 Report.

The site says organizers of a 24-hour civil strike claimed participation in all 13 provinces of the Andean region:

Hundreds of campesinos from the outlying provinces of Celendín and Bambamarca marched on the city, and students occupied the campus of the National University of Cajamarca. Campesinos in Jaén province, organized by a local ronda (peasant self-defense patrol), erected barricades of rocks and tree-trunks on the road through their territory, blocking traffic for hours. No violence was reported, despite a huge presence of National Police and army troops in the region, and threats from authorities in Lima.

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At least 200 communities nationwide in Peru have organized to stop mining or oil projects, usually over environmental concerns or to demand direct economic benefits in rural reported  on the unrest and on the formation of the ‘Front for the Defence of the Interests of Cajamarca’. Read more.