Classic cars, vintage wine keep pace with gold’s gains

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The Economist’s valuables index, which tracks coins, stamps and violins, is up 54% since the first quarter of 2009, close to gold’s gain of 60.2% right after the financial crisis.

The admittedly illiquid and often subjective index is weighted according to the types of assets a rich individual would typical hold.

Out of the seven luxury items tracked, classic cars were up the most, up 53% since July 2011.

Gold started 2009 at US$853 per ounce. It is now trading just under $1,400 per ounce.

Luxury items are a tricky asset class. Art can fall out of favour. Carrying costs are higher. There is storage, insurance and high transaction fees.

However, an old Les Paul guitar or a vintage Lamborghini can be a lot more fun to own than a stock certificate.

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Image by John Nuttall

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