Close co-operation results in successful partnership

Pedreira São Pedro was previously struggling with several wear part suppliers and complicated parts ordering process. Service agreement with Metso has helped Pedreira São Pedro to streamline its operations, which has led to increased availability and productivity.

Metso now monitors the quarry's production and notifies when and which parts need to be changed. Thereupon, the quarry operates the crushing equipment without problems.

Nearly two years ago Metso firmed an agreement for supply of parts and services for Pedreira São Pedro's quarry in Brazil. The cooperation has led to increased productivity and cost reductions in maintenance. The gains for the customer are guaranteed, because now the plant is working with higher mechanical availability and productivity.

"Both parties have equal goals, which makes this partnership a perfect union in the search of excellence in productivity ", states the owner of Pedreira São Pedro, Mr Antônio de Castro Rezende, nicknamed Tuninho.

"Both parties have interests that converge with immediate needs", says Tuninho, satisfied with the results of the partnership with Metso. In the past the quarry to be negotiate all wear parts purchasing with several suppliers, Metso among them. Nowadays, Metso technicians monitor the production.
"They know when and which parts should be substituted and they are always ready for the replacement. In the following years, the tendency is to expand this partnership even further", says Tuninho.

Due to its strategic location in the Baixada Fluminense Area 1 market, where the third biggest PAC investment is being carried, Pedreira São Pedro has a rather intense current and future demand. "Presently, we serve the high market demand, since the contract with Metso allows us to enhance our productivity significantly, and as a consequence we have increased our production", assures Tuninho. He states that he does not face any problems with the crushing equipment and that his maintenance operators receive the highest training whenever necessary.

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