Coal Handling Reclaiming : The mobile hopper solution

Telestack Limited continue to excel in providing innovative mobile coal handling solutions to its worldwide customer base. Telestack mobile materials handling systems are built to last, combining strength with the highest quality components available on the market. The success derives from achieving sustainable value for the client; using mobile bulk handling technology to enhance operational efficiency, minimise environmental impact and maximise flexibility.


Telestack Limited has enjoyed great success when installing coal handling facilities throughout the globe. Most notably to date has been the contract for the design and manufacture of a wheeled mobile reclaim hopper which will feed onto a stacker /reclaimer conveyor belt. Currently, the customer has 3 lines in the stockyard consisting of 2 x Stacker/Reclaimers and 1 x Stacker only. However, when unloading vessels with the 2 x unloading cranes onto 2 of the lines, this only allows for one other for either feeding the local power plant or loading trains for inland transportation. This presents an operational 'bottleneck' and reduces the operational capabilities and flexibility of the operation. The mobile reclaim hopper will be fed via 2 x front end loading shovel (medium capacity). The machine can be placed in the downstream from any of the 3 lines even if the stacker/reclaimer or stacker is operating. This greatly increases operational flexibility and allows for 1 x line to be redundant in case of routine maintenance.


Customised Design

The wheeled mobile (optional crawler tracked mounted – see picture below) reclaim hopper offers maximum flexibility for the operator, it includes a wheeled bogie unit complete with toe hitch for easy site movement via a loading shovel. The 18m3 hopper is fed from 2 x Front end loading shovels from both sides and rear at 1000TPH. Also there is a custom upgrade of Polyurethane low friction liners on the material transfer points (hopper, transfer feed-boot and chute) to allow the material to flow easily without potential blockages and bridging. The hopper also includes a 200mm aperture grid which excludes any foreign material from mixing with the coal. As the reclaim hopper is directly feeding the reclaiming belt, the incline conveyor on the Telestack unit has luffing capabilities (raise / lower) from 12 – 20 degrees, which offers the customer the flexibility to vary the discharge height, depending on ground levels and the height of the reclaiming belt at the certain points. The unit also includes a manual trimming chute which allows the customer to direct the material to reduce segregation / degradation and control the flow of material onto the belt in the same direction as the Stacker / Recliamer. This is further enhanced with the design and manufacture of a mobile feed-boot which will fit over the current reclaiming belt to direct the material into the centre of the belt and again reduce the dust emissions at this transfer point. The unit will also include a 100Kva Gen-set for all functions to make the unit a complete independent unit, with optional lights to ensure 24 hour operation.

These customized solutions/ extras highlight Telestack's aim to provide for the specific needs of each application to ensure the equipment is efficient and reliable during these types of operations.

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