Cognitive Dust Management: ATMOS Global™ Launches DustAlert+™ World’s First Artificially Intelligent Dust Control and Management System

ATMOS Global™ (ATMOS Australia Pty Ltd – Elite Atmospheric Air Quality Modelling & Forecasting and Climate Change Research Consultants™) launches DustAlert+™ world’s first Artificial Intelligence Multi-factor Multi-criteria Dust Impact Early Warning System™ a major breakthrough in environmental dust control and management in mining. DustAlert+™ is an Artificially Intelligent (AI) system that helps mining operations, located anywhere in the world, reduce the environmental impacts of their dust emissions.

Drier climatic conditions, water shortages, higher environmental standards and the increase in the public concern about the environment in the last years have inspired the mining industry to explore new methods of dust control.

DustAlert+™ is the new AI enhanced version of ATMOS Global’s innovative multi-channel early warning system DustAlert (developed over five years), a support system for ATMOS-5DTM the first-of-its-kind risk-based dust management method used for a mining project nominated as a finalist (jointly with ATMOS Australia) for one of the most prestigious awards for environmental excellence in Australia.

DustAlert+™ works in tandem, interconnected with our ATMOS-5DTM system to issue customised and detailed early warnings (a few days in advance) for dust emissions that have the potential to affect sensitive receptors.

DustAlert+ is a new generation self-aware, self-learning and self-adapting system that serves our clients’ dust control needs as an ever present sentinel that offers continuous dust protection for the full spectrum of mineral exploration, extraction and processing operations.

DustAlert+ uses a series of novel, unique and proprietary algorithms that facilitate the decision optimisation process for dust management.

Dr Orestis Valianatos, the Global President and Chief Executive Officer of ATMOS Global, said that “our new artificial intelligence dust control system, DustAlert+™, is an advanced dust mitigation strategy that allows mine site operators to automatically anticipate potential dust impacts well before they happen and intervene to control these dust impacts in a convenient and timely manner”.

DustAlert+™, a new mark of environmental excellence for the mining industry, available 24/7 for mining companies world-wide through our Centre for Global and Site Specific Dust Impact Forecasting, Management and Control™, uses the power of our breakthrough artificial intelligence enabled technology to ensure that an optimal dust control approach is used in order to:

– more –

–       minimise or avoid the risk of dust impacts at sensitive receptors

–       lower the cost of production through advanced planning and scheduling

–       reduce the usage of resource-intensive conventional dust control methods” he said.

DustAlert+™ can also be used to control and manage fugitive dust emissions for operations specific to the manufacturing and energy industries.

Mining companies that are interested in applying our DustAlert+™ system to better control dust, as an integral part of their operations, are invited to contact ATMOS Global’s Air Quality and Climate Change AmbassadorsTM by visiting our website: