Cool timelapse of a 1.2 million-pound excavator entering the Las Vegas Convention Center

Hitachi filmed how it delicately moved its EX5600-6 hydraulic shovel into the Las Vegas Convention Center ahead of MINExpo that kicks off next week.

Many suppliers are getting ready for MINExpo, which kicks off on Sunday at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The timeplapse video shows how the Hitachi EX5600-6 entered the South Hall. Eight forklifts worked for hours buzzing around the monstrous Hitachi excavator moving and laying down a path of 1-ton sheets of steel to protect the concrete from the pressure exerted by the 1.2 million pound machine.

MINExpo, which runs from Sep 26 to 28,  is held once every four years. Over 840,000 sq.ft has already been reserved by exhibitors.