Cooperation between MMC Norilsk Nickel and Higher Education Establishments

The mining and metals company MMC Norilsk Nickel cooperates with Higher Education Establishments (HEE) in Russia for their "Professional take-off" and “Trainee” program which will give over 400 students the opportunity to gain field experience in the Company, as mineweb reports.

"Professional take-off" program candidates are 3-5 year students who shall participate as trainees in real production process, gain skills experience under the guidance of qualified professionals, and once graduated from HEE, get employed in the Group of companies Norilsk Nickel. Getting acquainted with the enterprise and gaining a trainee experience facilitates freshmen accommodation with independent work and reduces professional and social adaptation terms.

The "Trainee" program incorporates HEE graduates not older than 30 years, without working experience, selected on a tender basis. If selected, the graduate becomes a trainee and gets training from an experienced worker, and after the training and a positively passed exam may be employed by the Company. While training, the trainee gets a fixed-term contract. Overall 226 people took part in the "Trainee" program in 2011, and 67 people were employed by the Company.