Cost-saving photoanalysis system measuring up to client expectations

In this economic downturn, mining companies worldwide are searching for new ways to improve quality control methods. Operators now more than ever are looking at the sizing aspect of their process in order to cut back on costs. WipWare, a photoanalysis company with thousands of products around the world, is offering managers inexpensive, cost-saving solutions to help optimize their mining process.


With the release of WipFrag Solo, WipWare offers a product that is one of a kind in the image analysis industry. This mobile unit can be set up to suit almost any mining, aggregate or forestry operation, and has the power to capture and analyze up to 8 image samples per second. With software that analyzes the photos instantly, WipFrag Solo can detect any unwanted material before it enters the crusher and causes maintenance problems. Current clients find several uses for this adjustable piece of equipment- monitoring material before it enters the SAG mill, determining the effectiveness of blasts, process control, quality control and getting instant results, just to name a few.

"We are so confident that WipFrag Solo will benefit our end user that we will offer a money back guarantee on any Solo product we sell." says president Tom Palangio, "This is an investment clients are willing to make because of it's low risk and high return."

WipWare is the pioneer of photoanalysis technology with twenty five years of experience in the industry. With the release of its latest WipFrag Solo system, WipWare now has a full-line of particle analyzers that can suit virtually any installation.

Because you can't manage what you can't measure; it is critical to understand that if you don't know your existing process performance, it is difficult to know how to improve it. WipFrag Solo allows the end user to quantify materials passing through an operation and optimize performance. For more information on this groundbreaking technology, please visit <>, or call 1-705-472-2664.