Crated and buried Spitfires cause business split

Two business partners have fallen out over attempts to dig up about 60 pristine Spitfires that were put in storage and buried in Myanmar after World War II.

Each is worth an estimated $2 million.

The Vancouver Sun reports that David Cundall spent 16 years and several thousand dollars travelling to Myanmar to locate the missing planes.

Cundall recently brought on a financial backer, Boultbee Brooks, but the two have had a falling out over the terms of a deal to get the planes dug up:

"I had an AK-47 pointed at me once," says Cundall, who has endured mosquitoes and jungle heat in his search for the airplanes, many of which were buried around the old British airfields at Myitkyina and Min-galadon. "There were also six non-crated Mark VIIIs," says Cundall. "They are very rare and I believe they were buried in a quarry."

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