CyPlus Commissions Cold Caro’s Acid Systems at two of Jaguar Mining Inc.’s Sites in Brazil

CyPlus® has succeeded in commissioning two Cold Caro’s Acid systems for Concord, New Hampshire, USA-based Jaguar Mining Inc. at their Turmalina and Paciencia gold-mining operations in Brazil. The systems treat cyanide-containing effluent. Cold Caro’s Acid is a powerful oxidant that is produced in situ by adding hydrogen peroxide to concentrated sulfuric acid. It is used in gold extraction to convert cyanide into cyanate. “The CyPlus system is a proven process that achieves a yield of more than 80 percent of Cold Caro’s Acid,” says Stephen Gos, manager of Technology Solutions at CyPlus GmbH in Hanau-Wolfgang. The advantage of the CyPlus® system is that the heat from the reaction can be controlled and kept at low levels, thus ensuring safe operation…..more at MEIOnline