CyPlus opens new cyanide transloading station in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico

CyPlus GmbH and Evonik Degussa Mexico, both subsidiaries of Evonik Industries AG in Germany, officially announce the opening of its cyanide transloading station for CyPlus® Solid-to-Liquid Containers at its warehouse and logistics center in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora in spring 2012.

“The CyPlus Solid-to-Liquid System is the most innovative and proven bulk handling technology for  the shipment and the safe, responsible handling of cyanides which we are proud to introduce to the growing important Mexican mining market. And with Evonik Degussa Mexico we have an excellent set-up in this important market to respond as quickly as possible to our customers’ needs,” states Frank Harenburg, Managing Director of CyPlus GmbH.

CyPlus® Solid-to-Liquid Containers, or “SLS containers” represent an innovative packaging and logistics technology for automatic dissolution of cyanide at the customer site. The CyPlus® Solid-to-Liquid System also includes a tailor-made dissolution station which ensures that a defined amount of water is transferred through special installation features of the container to dissolve the cyanide within a short time. After this process, the NaCN solution is kept in the desired concentration in the customer storage tank. The SLS container is automatically cleaned and returned to the transloading terminal in Ciudad Obregon for another filling. The system meets very high standards for safety and environmental protection. It eliminates the need to dispose of packaging materials.

CyPlus considers itself as a driving force for progress and sustainability in the industry given its vast experience in production, transport safety, handling and the responsible, resource-conserving use of cyanides coupled with the capacity to innovate technologies and services.

CyPlus is a leading company in cyanides. The Evonik subsidiary provides innovative products, technologies and services to customers in the mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, and surface treatment industries. The company meets the extensive and strict requirements of the international mining industry as a supplier of cyanides in accordance with the provisions of the "International Cyanide Management Code" (ICMC). Production sites in Europe and sales and distribution offices on all continents provide customers swift and reliable service. CyPlus regards itself as a pacesetter of progress and sustainability.